Holy shit!

Imagine being a soldier and seeing the Command Sergeant Major show up with his boots on the wrong feet or her bra on the outside of her shirt.

What do you think the rest of the unit is going to be like.

We went from CSM Plumley standing in front of a Vietnam Cong charge shooting commies with a 1911 to a CSM who can’t get dressed correctly during an FTX.

I’m surprised China hasn’t conquered Hawaii already with plans to invade the mainland Blue states.  Its not like our military has the ability to put up much resistance with their gear on backwards.

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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “Career officers aren’t the only embarrassment, career NCOs are too”
    1. Believe it or not, many training areas are small enough that between the size of the population and amount of usage you can be near ankle deep in effluent if you don’t have staged port-a-potties. When I was at Camp Lejeune some years ago, there was a young major whose full time duty was ensuring the upkeep thereof. As I recall, the contract(s) ran to around $2 million/year.

  1. Don’t worry, She is wearing her mask properly … outdoors … while also properly distanced from the other soldier …

    1. unfortunately, 1)that doesn’t look like a plate carrier, 2) if it is a carrier, it’s not fitted properly to protect her vitals, 3) plate carriers have plate pouches front & back so still no reason to flip it around.

      1. Not a carrier, it’s a load bearing vest. Kinda impressive how she got it on because it buckles and tightens in front, not in back.
        Still no clue why it’s backwards. It’s far more comfortable in the correct position even loaded down.

        1. The shoulder straps buckle in the front. The cummerbund buckles in the back. We used to call them “tactical bras.”

  2. there is a possibility she deliberately and knowingly put it on backwards during the break for lunch. She appears to be leaning against a tree, and having a bunch of flat magazines press against her lower spine might be more comfortable than the tree bark. Well, to her, I would not think so.

    Not familiar with military protocols, so I do not know if any uniform standards would be violated for doing that. And, I would think it is a bad idea to leave the kit on backwards for any amount of time after she stood up.

    Not enough info to judge here.

    1. Well, she is a bit short. What would you bet that if that LBV were on the right way those mags would dig into her boobs?

  3. If anyone tried to correct her, what do you think would happen?

    Her staff and the line soldiers would rather let her show her ass than help her out.

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