Carpetbaggers funding Gillum for Florida Governor

Andrew Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign raised approximately $450,000 in April and more than half of those contributions came from billionaire George Soros.
In April, Soros gave $250,000 to Forward Florida, a Gillum associated political committee. If you combine this recent Soros donation with two previous six-figure donations in 2017, Soros’ contributions to Gillum now total $450,000.
The Soros family has given half a million dollars to Gillum’s campaign for governor.

Also, of the $333,500 collected in April by Forward Florida, 93% of the donations came from donors residing outside of Florida.

Gillum PAC Receives $250K from George Soros, 93% of Donations from Outside of Florida

I guess after announcing he is planning on raising the corporate taxes, the donations from the local heavy hitters may have trickle down some.  So Soros bought himself a Democrat candidate for Governor and Bloomberg bought a Republican State Senator soon-to-be Senate President. Maybe we should start a GoFundMe to buy Florida Politicians. If we buy in bulk, I am sure we can get a discount.

PS: Anybody else bothered by the fact that Rich White guys are buying Minorities? Florida suddenly feels like an antebellum plantation.

Hat Tip Clark V.

3 Replies to “Carpetbaggers funding Gillum for Florida Governor”

  1. I know it would require a constitutional amendment, but I’d love to see a law that required campaign contributions to state candidates to come from residents of that state or business in that state. For the latter, donations would have to be proportional to revenue, so you can’t incorporate a store front LLC then donate huge sums through it from out of state.

    It sucked when California liberals donated more money to Alabama’s senate race than most Alabamans.

  2. Maybe I am wrong here, but…

    If it is not OK to accept campaign donations from foreign countries during a national campaign, why is it OK to accept campaign donations from out of state for State legislative campaign?

    Seriously, NYers should not be able to donate to a FL campaign, unless they can clearly demonstrate they have standing in that state, and the outcome of the campaign will directly affect them.

    And, the loophole of “my business has an office in FL.” should not work. Headquarters, or regional office only. I am not talking small donations comparable to the presence of the corporation in the state.

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