The Left’s breathless wish: Waiting for The New McVeigh.

“I’ve come to believe he needs a certain level of violence in this country. He is willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda. The vice president, too. How else can you explain this dishonesty we get out of the administration?”
Wayne LaPierre about President Clinton.
appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” March 12, 2000.

You can hear them giggling like schoolgirls and praying to their less-than-divine superior entities.  “Dear Gaia, there must be a McVeigh out there. We need him to blow something up and get lots of people killed so we can destroy them Teabaggers, Threepercenters, Gun Owners and the rest of Conservative morons.” Yet nothing has happened and they grow restless.

There are some taking action to badmouth the Tea Party and make anybody that sympathizes with them feel threatened or guilty. Attacks by thugs against Tea Party protesters, Health Care Challengers, caravans and even other union members that disagree have happened but sparsely since it is too risky; you see, those bigoted Teabaggers may actually carry guns and may be able to defend themselves against the legitimate mobsters of the Left. And if that is not bad enough, there are people with those damned video cameras taping everything and uploading it to Youtube (There ought to be a law, right?) Some want to try a “softer” approach by infiltrating Tea Party Rallies and display racist or threatening banners and behaving like the Left’s idea of Conservatives.

But in their heart of hearts what the desperately wish is another Timothy McVeigh so they can bring the full force of the traditional media against us. They don’t see the life of innocents as a sacred value if political brownie points can be made. The dust had not yet settled from the Murrah Building when the Clinton Administration blamed Talk Radio and the NRA not because they were guilty in any shape or form, but because it was politically convenient to assign them the blame. Time and again the Left will do a danse macabre, pour ash over their heads and torn their clothes over the corpses of victims they created in order to gain sympathy for their cause and to slam the opposition. Columbine, Virginia Tech and any of the m assacres in Gun Free Zones are bright examples of this bloody theatrics.

So be ready when something big and terroristic happens. It might be Bin Laden blowing a elementary school full of children, but it will be the Tea Party and the Conservatives that will get the blame. Remember, these are the same idiots that said it was America’s fault that 9-11 happened and some even went on saying we deserve it. Tin Foil Hat? About a year ago, I’d agree with you that it would be stupid and loony to think like this, now I am not so sure. A friend of mine commented years ago that the scene from Schindler’s List that stayed with him was when the Jews were herded into the Ghetto, they were hungry, miserable and cold. A group was around a fire in a 55 gallon barrel and one of the comments was along the lines of  “Well, this is as bad as it gets” … and it is well know it got worst.

Bravo Sierra call on those alleged attacks to Congresscritters.

Jim at Wolf Tracks applies logic and calls it as he sees it:

Another reason we know there are no “bullets being shot through windows” is extremely obvious: any Patriot who shoots through a window isn’t going to miss their target and there’d be a body laying on the floor near that window

Yep, that pretty much covers it.

Some things are better left unsaid.

Truth be told I had no ill will against Florida’s Governor Charlie Crist. I think that although he didn’t do too well for Florida, he did not screw up the pooch too much either. I know his George Hamilton looks makes him kind of creepy, but I can live with it.  He did lose some points with me when he “embraced” too quickly the Obama federal handout instead of cleaning house and tightening the belt in-house.

My mother is fond to say that “La Lengua es el castigo del cuerpo” or loosely translated: The Tongue will punish the Body which in the Spanish folklore means your unchecked mouth will always get you in trouble. In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Governor Crist accused his contender for the US Senate Marco Rubio of waxing his back. That Rubio allegedly did this (or was it a $130 haircut) by using a Republican Party of Florida credit card already brought some criticism to Crist when he wouldn’t cough up how he got his hands into the credit card record and didn’t care if it was obtained legally.

Marco Rubio is not only ahead in the polls for the Senate seat but way way ahead. I don’t care how cool cucumber you wanna appear, the Crist campaign is sweating bullets. But unfortunately Governor Crist shivving (or shaving) Rubio in the back is a rather distasteful and cheap shot.  I have not examined Marco Rubio’s stand on anything so I can’t say that I will vote for him, but Governor Crist may not want to wait for my vote anytime soon.

Shut the hell up next time.

White House Chutzpah: You critcs are helping Al-Qaeda.

OK, seriously. Are the only testicles available in the White House in Michelle Obama’s purse? According to the Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism (read Czar for Diaper Bombers and other Man Made Disasters) John Brennan, Politically motivated criticism and unfounded fear-mongering only serve the goals of al-Qaeda.”
as it appeared in an op-ed in US Today

Are you out of your effing mind??? Seriously dude.  What kind of repugnant pond scum are you? Did you take medications before spouting such a load of crap or do you have to be lobotomized and castrated to write such garbage? Or maybe simply you are just an asshole?

I could go on a long winded rant, but the best answer was provided in the response section of the ABC blog by a reader.

2008: Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism.

2009: Dissent is the highest form of Racism.

2010: Dissent is the highest form of Terrorism.

Miami’s Overtown an example of the New Slavery.

It is a common theme down here in Miami-Dade County. Drive-By shootings, executions, armed robberies and the same old creeps from the County jump to blame Assault Weapons, the NRA, We The Rednecks and every stereotype they can think of. But the 500 pound gorilla that they so desperately try to ignore is the fact that probably 75% of the nastiest and ugliest occurs in the North East corner of the County. Now, if you are one of those Politically Correct types, it is time you stop reading, contact the local ACLU and post the word RACIST in the comment section. By the way, I am a spic so good luck making the charges stick

As for the rest, that corner awash in crime is what we generically call Overtown and is populated mostly by black folks. Maybe history in a couple of centuries will record that at the par with slavery, the biggest crime committed against Blacks was their degradation by politics, culture and pandering to the lowest morals by pseudo religious leaders.  What the hell happened? How did the Democrat Party, the historic representative of the Klan all of the sudden became the “voice” of the Black people? This is the party that voted against Kennedy’s Civil Rights Act, historically created the most draconian state gun control laws aimed directly against blacks and they even have one surviving Klan member in congress!

However that happened, the consequences are here and might take generations to fix.  In Miami-Dade, the highest concentration of violent crimes including rape and murder are in the Overtown area. Drug trafficking is rampant and open intimidation of witnesses and whole neighborhoods is commonplace.  Icons like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Carver Washington and Jackie Robinson have been set aside by gaggle Gansta Rappers celebrating drugs, rape mayhem and murder, by scum bucket- race baiting preachers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who have no shame in creating racial incidents out of thin air to extort money and achieve notoriety and by an amazing number of political folks of the same skin color that actually love telling the Black Community that everything is owed to them and they should not have to work for a damn thing thus officially creating a culture of beggars and malcontents when things that are not promised never reach them. All these and more festered a sub-culture of irresponsibility, murder and immorality that has taken over and now “represents” the Black community. It is now their image as false and unjust as it might be.

For the folks that adopted this culture, reality eventually rears it ugly head and set its jaw on the unsuspected targets. If a black male somehow survives its teens to the culture of death and depravity and wants to change its way, have a family and become an honorable member of society, chances are he won’t because he has a criminal record of some sorts. Almost a hundred and fifty years after the Emancipation Proclamation, this black male finds himself a second class citizen without any rights or very restricted. He might vote in some places in some he is denied. But in each and every State of the Union he is not allowed to legally own a firearm for self-defense, he cannot live in a household with a firearm so even if his family has a clean record, they are subject to be victims by proxy. The Sub-Culture has chained him with more effectiveness than any slave owner could. He and his family are now Victims till the day they die. That is a sad sad way to live.

We have a Generation’s worth of Black Race being shut out off our Bill of Rights and that is a crime. If we somehow stop it now, it is going to take another generation to erase the consequences of the Sub-Culture. But where do we even begin? I confess I have no idea. Were up against powerful forces that are making too much money and deriving too much power out of having untold millions of people dependent on the Government and  false Prophets.  And they are good at defending what they do by flipping out the Race Card if anybody has the testicular fortitude to call on the “failures” of their alleged civil rights struggle. Something has to be done against those who claim to fight for the Have-Nots but are the ones that created them in the first place. They are the New Slave Owners and their helpers the New Overseers. We, all of us, black, white, brown, yellow, whatever… AMERICANS,  must fight them somehow.

PS: And warning to the Latinos. You are next on my list.

UPDATE: Court says threats don’t justify felon having gun.

Giving up on California? I am about to.

So The Governator Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 962 into law making Law Abiding citizens having to jump through hoops to buy ammo. In the meantime criminals will still do their thing without any interference from the Government.

Of course Californians have been assured that this new measure will keep them safe an no, it is not an attack on the Second Amendment. Problem is the great brains behind it could not keep their mouths shuts and had to brag. On TheUnion.com we find this little quote from Amanda Wilcox:

“This bill is about keeping dangerous weapons out of dangerous hands.”

So it was never about controlling the flow of ammunition so it would not fall into the hands of criminals after all. But we knew that long ago, just look on how the bill defines ammunition:

For purposes of this section, “ammunition” shall include, but
not be limited to, any bullet, cartridge, magazine, clip, speed
loader, autoloader
, or projectile capable of being fired from a
firearm with deadly consequence. “Ammunition” does not include

So, in an amazing leap of logic and common sense, some Brady Bunch genius managed to equate live ammunition with loading devices. Unless I tie down somebody and beat him to death with my high capacity AK steel magazine, I kinda fail to see the imminent danger of school kids being massacred by a Safariland Comp 3 speed loader. Oh! By the way, remember when the Assault Weapons Ban came to be, there were oaths and promises that they were never intending to control revolvers or lower capacity guns but just those evil devices that can carry more than 10 rounds? Guess what? You are seeing precisely the control of LOW capacity devices. A revolver speed loader usually comes for 6 rounds, hardly the “hail of bullets” associated with those cultural sensitive drive-by shootings. Told ya so!

If you can stomach the idiocy, you can click here and read the rest of the idiotic bill.