Change the Ref or the illusion of controlling the outcome

J. Kb’s post on Manuel Oliver’s foundation got me thinking.  He is basing his fight/endeavor on the false premise that Evil can be managed with logic and rules and that if somehow that is not the case, there has to be some sort of conspiracy behind it and the “refs” must be removed.

That is Soviet thinking.

The USSR honchos were enamored with the concept of “Five Year Plans” related to the production of goods by their industrial complex.  Simply stated, a bunch of party bureaucrats who’d never worked in a factory in their lives,  would sit in some office, read a bunch of reports that could be could not be accurate, make some “calculations” and assure to the upper ups that in 5 years, the production of a product would be certain amount, usually wildly optimistic. Of course, reality is a harsh bitch, shit happened, and the wildly optimistic goals were never met.

Now, it was NEVER the fault of the Party bureaucrats because they represented the Part which was never wrong according to the dogma. If the Party bureaucrats were not wrong but the goals were not met, therefore there was one of two reasons: incompetence (but rarely used because it would mean somebody up in Party management made a mistake and the dogma says otherwise) or Sabotage by the Evil Forces of Imperialism.  Investigations were made and to make long story short, a few patsies were selected, tried and executed.

Again and thanks to the dogma of Party Infallibility, the same party bureaucrats would gather again and create a new 5 Year Plan knowing for sure this time would work because that is what they put on paper in behalf of the Almighty Party and its Infallible Economy. It never occurred to the bureaucrats (or simply they knew better than voicing it) that maybe it was the system that was faulty. The dogma had to be preserved and if it meant making stuff up like creating saboteurs and killing innocent people, So be it. 

There were other “remedies” used to cover for the stupidity of false expectations, some readers will probably identify the following line from an old book: “times 14.2.84 miniplenty malquoted chocolate rectify” 

So Mr. Olivera is pretty much the same thing: It was not us who were wrong, but the Ref was dirty. Not our fault, our planning, training, etc was a surefire thing unless somebody purposely sabotaged the process to alter then result we expected.  They will not admit fault or that there are things you cannot control in your life. Blame must be found somewhere and he will not admit to making a mistake.

So, we are the Bad Guys, the saboteurs that he needs to get rid off. Although he should be careful because it is not a bunch of meek Soviet citizens subjects, shitting their pants, fearing the KGB to show up and take them to a Siberian Winter Resort and Spa for 20 years of Hard Labor.  We are citizens of a country with a long history of wrecking the long-term plans of Statists, foreign and domestic.




2 Replies to “Change the Ref or the illusion of controlling the outcome”

  1. Isnt their idea kinda like tryin to talk a hungry 12 foot gator out of eating you??? Evil can not be reasoned with as the peacenick bicycleist idiots found out.

  2. Bit of a reiteration of my comment on J.KB’s post, but this illustrates the sheep versus individuals issue that is at the root of this kind of thinking.

    Leftists are of the belief that everything is controlled by some higher entity, someone in “charge.” It is fundamental to their way of thinking.

    If you have more than they do, you must have stolen it. If you disagree with them, you must be under the control of someone else.

    The anti-gun groups are not effective, because they are top down driven organizations. Giffords or Bloomberg call the shots, their minions obey. If a faction of the organization does not do what management says, funding disappears. Immediately.

    The NRA has none of that. They are an individual driven, bottom up organization. If the NRA says something their members do not like management gets replaced. Quickly.

    This leads to the leftist mindset that if someone disagrees with you on an issue you are passionate about, it is because you are being controlled to disagree. You are being lied to. You could not possibly be thinking for yourself, because I do not think for myself.

    Like I said. Sheep versus individuals.

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