Chicago: I am not sure what the goal might be.

This is a Peace (read gun control) March headed by Jesse (Looking for Political Resurrection) Jackson and  Father Michael (Cuckoo) Pfleger. Allegedly they are protesting Chicago’s gun violence.

My question is, why are they in a highway? Much gun killing done then, Kemo Sabe? Why aren’t day marching for the peace in the neighborhoods most affected by this violence they protest?

It makes as much sense as protesting against High cholesterol in the parking lot of the Miami Seaquarium. But we know the real reason: not one of the “leaders have the balls to actually go where the violence is located and risk getting a bullet for their efforts.

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  1. Obviously one gets more publicity blocking traffic on the interstate than in the ‘hood. Also reporters and news stations will cover this on the interstate, and don’t need to risk getting their equipment stolen.

  2. Not to mention they don’t give a single shit about the violence in the hood, so there’s no need to go there or do any actual thing about it. Instead, it’s merely an excuse to disarm the people not doing the violence.

  3. I am morally superior to them in every way because I already know their Leftist stances. I object to the murder by abortion industry, I object to the illegal aliens invading our country while smuggling in illicit drugs and then killing our citizens and voting illegally. The list goes on.

    Yet, I do not go and block highways which is a direct safety issue, damages our economy, inconveniences people, and hinders emergency responders.

    If you block traffic, I do not care who the Hell you are…I am against you!

    PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE! Is that so hard for these anti-Constitutionalist twits?

    I am starting to yearn for a muslim terrorist with a semi-truck to look at them as a target of opportunity and run the lot of them over. It would be poetic justice.

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to block traffic, and they could potentially be arrested…if the cops were so inclined.

        1. Why am I not surprised…..
          …say, wait a minute! Can a mayor just tell the cops “it’s OK if THESE guys break the law, ’cause I said so!”

          Is that even legal?

          Oh, wait. It’s Chicago…

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