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Man caught pooping in aisle of San Francisco Safeway

The city of San Francisco is taking action to clean up the streets but what about the grocery stores?

Shoppers at a Safeway in the Marina District got a disturbing surprise over the weekend.

Mike, a San Francisco resident, was at the Safeway when he spotted a man pooping in one of the aisles.

An opened package of toilet paper is seen in the photos sitting near the man.

Mike told KRON4 he saw the man go into a nearby Starbucks when he was finished.

Didn’t Starbucks start to allow “non-paying customers” (or small business owners call them: “Goddamed fucking freeloaders”) to use their restrooms?

If the Starbucks was out of toilet paper, I’m sure a pack cost less than $950, so the man could have walked out of the Safeway with the TP and used the restroom in the Starbucks.

There are many ways for a person with no money to poop in the toilet in San Francisco.

So why did this guy feel the need to shit in the aisle of a Safeway?

KRON4 has reached out to Safeway for a statement, but have not yet heard back.

They are busy cleaning the floor.

This story comes as San Francisco deals with a growing amount of human waste complains.

San Francisco even has a poop patrol, staff members who clean up human waste around the city.

Throughout the city, 311 has received more than 25,000 poop complaints this year alone, with the Tenderloin getting the highest number of calls.

The modern city of Gomorrah.

Last month, San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney called the city’s poop problem a national embarrassment.

“This is a national embarrassment, it is also many communities a disgusting, public health crisis, no one should be able to walk about and see poop smeared all over the place, no one should live in these conditions. It is not funny,” Haney said.

Since then, the city has increased frequency of power washing in trouble areas and has opened more public toilets.

But many believe more needs to be done.

How about this.

Do what the old British Bobbies used to do to keep order.

Equip foot patrolmen with a truncheon.  Don’t bother arresting and fining the shitters, just dispense a bit of “instant stick justice” to a backside.

Turn a blind eye to the store owners and employees that use a length of broom handle to keep the riffraff off their property.

(If you shit in my store, I’m going to turn off the security cameras and make you clean it up with your tongue)

As long as these people do not suffer consequences for their actions and the working, taxpaying public foots the bill for cleanup, it will only get worse.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Cleanup on Aisle Two”
  1. Lets pool our money and buy a bus. Lets all take 2 weeks off go to sanfran and pick up homeless and drive em to where the elites live, turn em loose there…. you cant fix stupid. California used to be where everyone wanted to go…

  2. California used to be where everyone wanted to go…

    Apparently some still do, just not only on the sidewalks any more.

  3. So, instead of actually doing something about the homeless, they are, once again, instituting a policy that will (attempt to) cure the symptom, while the disease runs rampant, unchecked.

    Let’s see. The homeless are shitting all over the city. OK, let’s put in more public toilets.
    Hmmmm…. that actually resulted in more homeless, the toilets becoming literal shitholes, and more actual human solid waste on the streets.
    OK, let’s hire on some people to go around cleaning up the crap. Oh… look. They cannot keep up because given the choice between trying to crap where someone else just left a steaming pile, or walking a block to where it was just powerwashed, even the insane will choose to walk a block.
    Great…. hire on more cleaners and put in more toilets. Oh… and pass a law that all businesses must clean up any poop that is on their property. And, while you are at it, require all new construction to include “rest areas” on the exterior of the building.

    It’s the cobra effect people.

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