In case you missed the news, there have been outbreaks of Coronavirus in several meat packing plants.  They have been shut down.

This is expected to cause a spike in meat prices as supply dwindles.

The ripple effect is to hurt farmers and ranchers with stock who can’t have their stock slaughtered.

Keeping the animals alive will cost money in feed and the meat will lose value as it ages past prime.

Trump declared meat processing an essential service under the DPA.

Some workers are afraid to return to work and this gives CNN a raging hard-on.

Meat plant workers to Trump: Employees aren’t going to show up

Yep.  CNN’s TDS is causing them to cheer the collapse of the meat market and the bankruptcy of small ranchers and farmers.

It’s not like the CNN talking heads won’t  be able to afford $20/lbs ground beef on their millionaire salaries.

I think the first thing Trump should do is have the military send CBC gear to these processing plants.  Have the workers work in MOPP 4 if necessary, our food supply lines must remain intact.

Next, he should have the correspondents dinner and serve the meal works and insect paste the media keeps trying to make us believe is a more environmentally friendly alternative to beef.  And he should lock them in until they clean their plates.



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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “CNN cheers on the collapse of American food production”
  1. The Commie News Network cheering the demise of the United States? Still?

    Here’s my shocked face: 😐

  2. Anything that can be used to hurt Trump (or whomever has a (R) following their name, regardless of what political office they hold.) is good by them.

    First axiom of politics people.

    1. Which can actually backfire in the long run, especially if the opponent is media adroit. Which Trump is. Reflexive opposition & contrariness means one can be maneuvered into saying a lot of very useful things (Nan’s “Let Them Eat Premium Ice Cream” comes to mind).

      But this is a very good thing for us.

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