By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Coming soon to a neighborhood near you: drone strikes”
  1. Seems to me that, what with the fashionable belief that the existence of even one unvaccinated heathen will result in all the righteously vaccinated becoming infected, we’re getting very close indeed to seeing familiar-looking caricatures depicting red-state deplorables as plague rats.
    Yes, they do hate us, and they’re working up excuses for trying to exterminate us.

    1. We have an advantage those Germans had taken away from them. All that’s needed is the will to use that advantage when necessary and recognize when it is necessary.

  2. Ive been saying it for a whike, especially after last summer. It only a matter of time.

    We have had US citizens assassinated by our governemnt on foreign soild.

    We have had a US citizem get exploded by police who strapped a bomb to a robot in dallas.

    It is only a few steps away, especially when you have multiple agencies with the ability and not just the military.

  3. Whatever happened to the huge purchases of ammunition by the USDA, EPA, HHS, et al? They must be training very hard.

  4. That, perhaps is the single most disturbing thing I hear in that address last night. Officially, pResident Burden declared this administration sees anything less than full embrace of critical race theory as a threat.

    It is just one more tool they will use to ensure a permanent Democrat control of the country until the end of the country. They wanted to go down this path in 2016, and were laying the foundation during the 0 administration. That’s why Reid pulled the nuclear option, and suddenly when the Republicans got a simple majority in the Senate, the Dems loved the filibuster again.

    Trump winning was a shock to them. They needed to be sure it never happened again. All the stops were pulled for 2020. Election fraud? On a scale never seen before in the US. Supporting riots because some drugged out criminal got dead? Why not. Need to train up the brown shirts. Inciting a riot on Jan 6th? Piece of cake. It was not some idiots waving flags, it was a direct attack against the country.

    There was nothing unifying or inspiring about that speech, unless you think a group of elected morons should have more control over your life, and that paying higher taxes so politicians can spend your hard earned money on things you do not want is good.

    1. My MSNBC loving mother viewed it quite literally as a Jesus Christ sermon on the mount. I’m waiting to see what she has to say when he starts killing American citizens on American soil with drone strikes.

      But then again she believes that the Government should round up in exterminate every single Trump voter and registered Republican so she will probably fully support it.

  5. So they’re declaring war on citizens. The words I see here are “Trump voters” and “unvaccinated”. To be sure, there’s that flavor.
    The ones declaring it are using “white supremacism”. Seems their definition is a little more… basic.
    Not comfortable to think about, but when your enemy says something, believe them.

  6. Here is my surprised face. I’ve been saying the Democrats want to do that for years.

    I mean they’re not gonna have enough bodies in all the federal agencies combined to kill every single gun owner.

    And the Democrats will still ‘win’ every election even if the drone strikes are nuclear.

  7. That reminds me of the playbook used by Hydra and the helicarriers in Marvel’s CA:WS. Kill 20M to save 10B according to their spying algorithm. And

    Yeah, it’s a fantasy movie, but don’t think they wouldn’t do it they had the capability and the opportunity.

    For now, no knock raids in the wee hours before dawn will suffice.

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