By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Coming to a city near you”
  1. I don’t speak Chinese, and my wife’s busy at the moment. Was that robodoggie saying “EX-TER-MIN-ATE ALL HU-MANS”?
    (Loads up garden sprayer with whatever corrosive liquids are handy.)

    … Long eons ago, a friend was wishing for a portable EMP generator for zapping ghetto blasters at the beach. What’s good for portable noise machines should work on self-propelled electrical nuisances. (My suggestion was a magnetron powered by a generator involving a coil, a magnet, and a blank cartridge.)

  2. A net would work. Then yank the battery. Some clever person could reprogram them to repeat an appropriate message, like “ Let’s go Brandon.”

  3. Nothing a baseball bat wouldn’t fix.

    For a long time I was getting FaceBuch spam about investing in “Knightscope”, a company that makes (or wants to make) security robots. (Robots that look like huge buttplugs. “Hey look, it’s Mayor Pete!”) Great to keeping the prole neighborhoods in line. “Return to your pods, citizen-units! There is nothing to see here.”

  4. Half of America would shoot the sh*t out of that nonsense.

    The other half would turn it off, steal it, reprogram it, and it would wander the streets saying
    “Let’s go Brandon”
    “COVID Vaxx Is Poison”
    “Epstein didn’t kill himself”
    and then turn it loose again.

    Either way, I’m in.

  5. Awww, free cute robot pupper… with a sound system.

    Because that sumbitch is small enough to yoink, toss under a homemade Faraday-cage blanket until you get home and can do an aftermarket-delete of phone-home system, and then rig a Raspberry Pi or something as a remote controller and run it up and down the street chasing folks and playing REALLY LOUD fart noises.

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