This was a short rant delivered by CNN host Brooke Baldwin on the air.

It’s a sad state of affairs when a Constitutionally protected, enumerated right, becomes a “partisan corner.”

That the first reaction by half of our goverment is to “do something” and that “something” is restrict the rights of 320 Million people who committed no crimes is an appeal to collective punishment.

Yes, there were 40,000 gun deaths, but that still is only a rate of 12 per 10,000 which is less than half of what it has historically been.

The “victory” that the Sandy Hook parents have is to sue a company that made a legal product which it sold through a very highly regulated market.  The company is no longer owned by the same people who owed it when the gun was built, staffed by the same people, located in the same factory, or even uses the same marketing group.  So the people who will pay for this lawsuit have nothing to do with the original gun sale, not to mention that the shooter killed the legal buyer and stole the gun.

This is again the Left punishing the people who did nothing wrong.

New Zealand has no gun rights, and by the fact that it is now punishing people who have copies of the shooter’s live stream with arrest and jail time, shows that New Zealanders have no rights to speak of.

Our founding fathers created a goverment that made it hard to “do something” just so we couldn’t turn into New Zealand.

But Brooke Baldwin doesn’t want to live in the United States, she wants to live in New Zealand, where we have not rights but privileges, and they can be revoked at the drop of a hat.

Sorry, no.  That’s not how America works.

As for New Zealand, I want to watch that country closely in the coming weeks.

New Zealand doesn’t have gun registration.  That makes me wonder how many guns New Zealanders will turn in.  Yes, every New Zealander has to have a gun permit, but there is no limit to Category A guns on the permit and no registration.  Conceivably, a permit holder can turn in one gun and hide 10 more.

After the Australian buyback, I’d be curious how many New Zealanders would be willing to comply and just how jackbooted the New Zealand government will become in response.

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Coming together means eradicating enumerated rights”
  1. “This is again the Left punishing the people who did nothing wrong.”

    Infuriating, ain’t it?

    “After the Australian buyback, I’d be curious how many New Zealanders would be willing to comply and just how jackbooted the New Zealand government will become in response.”

    Indeed. In the immortal words of Rick Gasko: “Something interesting is gonna happen here.”

  2. “Come together” = newspeak for “Do what I want or else.”

    I wonder what New Zealand laws would make of 80% pistols and rifles. Oh, sure, after they’re finished they’re real firearms … but do NZ residents need to register before buying the parts?

    1. “Coming together” essentially means “agree with everything I say without question or compromise” to the totalitarian left.

  3. It IS a “partisan corner”. One party’s corner is the Constitution (at least somewhat, via lip service and occasional obedience). The other party’s corner is abolition.

  4. It’s fast getting to the point where many gun owners simply don’t care what laws are passed. They aren’t turning in their guns.

    1. Indeed … But we are then in a situation analagous to when private ownership of gold was illegal in the US. (See e.g.

      You might not have turned your gold in, but nor could you use it for anything, legally. We’d be in the same situation re guns. No target shooting, no range days (so proficiency goes to hell), and if you use it for defense it had best be at least believable that it was the bad guy’s and you got it away from him. And of course getting ammo, parts, etc. would be difficult at best.

      Basically it would destroy gun ownership on a generational timescale for most of the country.

      1. You’re right. At that point, the 600 million in circulation would be mostly kept in place for when the whole thing goes belly up and we become a larger version of Venezuela. This is all assuming that when the left manages to regain complete power that they don’t just declare martial law and try to kill everyone who doesn’t comply. In which case, we’d have a highly “exciting” situation on our hands.

    2. If we get to the point where we’re being told to turn them in, then it’s past time that we were USING them.

  5. To the Leftist, the concept of “collective punishment” is a feature, not a bug.

    And waiting for facts before rushing to a conclusion is a quaint and anachronistic notion no longer necessary in the age of social media. Actually, to the Leftist, facts in general are quaint and anachronistic, and obsolete.

  6. Couple points. The left is forgetting how many laws are broken when this crap happens and show how STUPID they are by saying” ban guns and this wont happen”.
    And y all start talkin about how they gonna come take our guns, I saw a blurb where in Jersey people were sayin cops was gonna go door to door n take mags and ar15s. Well there 3 million and something buildings in Jersey. I did some quick red neck math and came up with 824 YEARS to search Jersey. We are way over 100 MILLION strong, when the bleepin bleep bleep we gonna start acting like it??????????

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