I have seen this video posted to a lot of Conservative Twitter accounts:


All of them call Biden a liar and refute this claim.

Biden is a liar and this claim is total bullshit.

The problem is that Conservative Twitter underestimates the danger of this.

The point of this mendacity is simple, to justify the weaponization of the entirety of the intelligence, counter-terrorism, federal law enforcement, and local and state law enforcement communities against predominately white, middle and working-class, Middle-Americans, the Trump demographic.

The edifice exists, Bush Republicans built it after 9/11.  The Department of Homeland Security, the PATRIOT Act, everything that was created to fight radical Islamic terrorism coming from overseas to America.

Right now they can’t turn DHS, FBI, and especially the CIA against Americans with the full force that they want, it will upset the normies.  If they can sell the idea that “white supremacism” i.e., “Trump voters” are worse than Al Qaeda and 1/6 was worse than 9/11, they can convince the normies that it’s fully justified to go after Americans with the intensity and ferocity that they went after other terrorist cells.

If Trump voters are just as bad as Al Qaeda, why not be able to send them to Gitmo and waterboard them for shitposting MAGA memes on Facebook.

They are going to sell this bullshit until normies don’t object to having MAGA hat-wearing family members bagged and hauled off to a black site.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Conservative Twitter underestimates this statement by Biden”
  1. Add to that the (unsupported, as always) claim that Trump has told several (unspecified) people that he expects to be reinstated this summer… yeah, they’re working up to a purge. The monkey dance, on a semi-national scale.

    1. The people he’s (allegedly) told always seem to be “unspecified”, and nobody in his inner circle seems to have heard of any of those remarks.

      But the Left and the media (but I repeat myself) have never let a lack of verifiability stifle The Narrative[TM] before. Why should they start now?

  2. The timing is impeccable.

    Newly-minted voters in the 18-25 age group will mostly have no memory — or at least, no reliable memory — of the events of 9/11; the younger ones hadn’t been born yet, and those who were born before the Twin Towers attacks were preschoolers at best and won’t remember anything more than “something happened” (which sounds eerily similar to “some people did something”).

    All of this “1/6 is worse than 9/11” nonsense is ridiculous, not because it elevates the Capitol protest (NOT riot) to terrorist-attack status, but because it downplays the importance and tragedy of the worst terror attack on U.S. soil in the modern era.

    1/6: Two people died — one from a heart attack or stroke unrelated to the protest, the other from a still-unnamed Capitol Police officer’s itchy trigger finger — a few thousand dollars (maybe) of damages, and no disruption to financial markets. It was a protest against what many still view as an illegitimate election, by people who feel — and they’re not wrong — ignored by their representatives.

    9/11: Three thousand innocent people died during the attacks and thousands more died from health conditions related to the attacks (debris, dust inhalation, cancers from exposure to all the above, etc.) — that number is still growing — along with millions or billions of dollars in damage and destruction, and massive disruption to financial markets. It was a violent, deadly, and unprovoked attack on our financial centers, symbolic of an attack on our way of life.

    One of these things is not like the other. To equate these two events is more than merely misleading; it’s an outright lie.

    But the target demographic doesn’t remember 9/11 and only knows what they’ve been told, so the lie has a lot of traction.

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