Cory Booker was on The View when Meghan McCain asked him how he was planning on enforcing his mandatory buyback and he twisted about like a fish on a line, waffled, and then started to cry.

Also, he got everything that he thought was a fact, wrong.

“Machine guns we don’t have on the streets anymore because in the 1980s we banned them.”


Machine guns were made NFA items in 1934 and in 1986 the law was changed to stop the transfer of new machine guns as per the NFA. The government stopped issuing tax stamps on new full-auto serial numbers.

There were never any legally owned machine guns “on our streets” and we didn’t ban them and get them off the streets in the 1980s.

Is it too much to ask that a United States Senator know the law, at least a little bit?

Then he says that people saying Beto will have the police will go to your house and get your gun is fear-mongering.  Except that Beto has said exactly that.

Australia and New Zealand had more restrictive gun laws than the US prior to the Port Arthur and Chistchurch shootings which made enforcement of the buyback possible.  Also, the populations of those countries are much lower than ours and they lack the gun culture that America has.

The idea that tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners, who bought their guns legally are just going to say “This gun I’ve owned and shot recreationally for years is illegal now, I guess I’m going to go down to the buyback and get my three hundred bucks for it” is (and I’m being technical here) fucking ridiculous.

Then, because he doesn’t have an answer for McCain’s continued aksing how he’s going to get some gun nut in the middle of Arizona (or Texas, or Alabama, or any Red state) to give up his AR-15, Booker starts to cry.

Listen to the tone of his voice, he sounds like he’s about to start sobbing.

He can be as emotional as he wants, that still doesn’t explain how his buyback will work.

Anybody who thinks that a crying vegan can take Americans’ guns away by passing a law has another thing coming.

Lastly, South Park got it right back in Season 6, not eating meat turns a person into a giant pussy.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Cory Booker gets everything wrong about an AWB on the view, also he’s a coward”
  1. Law abiding Americans will voluntarily comply with any unconstitutional law or executive order because they’re “Law Abiding Americans.” This seems to be a common delusion among the Clown Car of Candidates(TM). By the way, how is that working with your bumpstock ban? I notice the ATF isn’t going house to house to collect bunpstocks that may or may not exist.

  2. So, let me see if I have this straight.

    As mayor of Newark, NJ, he fully supported their status as a sanctuary city. In other words, he flouted Federal law.

    And… now. He expects full compliance with a gun confiscation scheme.

    Right… Got it. OK.

  3. Gun banners know nothing of what they talk about. They don’t know how guns work, they don’t know the current laws, they don’t know anything. All they have is emotional talking points. There may be a few gun banners that know a bit more but you have to understand they don’t just not understand; They don’t want to understand. Everything they have is emotion. Facts are not even secondary, they’re not even a factor in their thinking. In fact facts are antithesis to them. Mainly because it works so badly against them. They do not want to bother investing the time or energy into understanding the subject or the people. Because they irrationally hate us. And hate is not a strong enough word to describe the way they feel about gun owners. I don’t know if there’s a proper word for it. I hate to invoke Godwins law here but I feel that the left and most Democrats hate gun owners more than the Nazis hated Jews. And the concept that they can’t just round up and exterminate us drives him absolutely insane. The ultimate goal of the left is the banning of private guy ownership With confiscation and the wholesale Extermination of every single gun owner and gun ownership supporter out there. Many people know that would cost lives. But like I said before the left does not care about life. They only care about people getting killed do use as a tool to get more power. Why do you think I say I keep saying that they would have no problems killing 100 million United States citizens? Or sometimes how I say they would have no problem with 90% of the entire United States population being nuclear holocausted? They only care about themselves and their power. Everything that’s an impediment to that power needs to be destroyed. They also view human life itself as a parasite; a disease that needs to be eradicated.

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