Counting down before shit hits the fan: Burned animal carcass left on DHS staffer’s porch.

Around two dozen threat reports were issued in the past few days, primarily against Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, according to the same official. Each of these reports is generally related to a specific online threat. All employees are personally contacted by DHS security if they are the target of a violent threat, the official said.
In one example, a senior DHS official living in the Washington. D.C. area found a burnt and decapitated animal on his front porch, according to an official with knowledge of the incident.

Increasing threats to Homeland Security include burned animal carcass left on staffer’s porch

Will a Molotov Cocktail flying through the window of some unsuspecting DHS/ICE/CBP family home will be the next thing that happens? Torching the family minivan with the kiddos inside?

Life is gonna get interesting.

5 Replies to “Counting down before shit hits the fan: Burned animal carcass left on DHS staffer’s porch.”

  1. There will be a heated conflict. Sooner (in my opinion) than later.

    The problem will be how it actually goes down. You damned well know that the media will vilify any government employee that takes action to defend themselves. The higher up in the government, the worse that counter attack will be.

    God help DHS Secretary Nielsen if she actually bumps into a “protester” on the way to the Metro. Her throat would have to be slashed before the media would allow her to defend herself against attack.

    Same applies to anyone that pushes back. Not a single media outlet is treating these “protesters” as the intolerant bullies they are. In fact, there are some that are promoting and glorifying their actions.

    As much as I would like to see some of these people get an educational beat down, giving one out will be a bad marketing move.

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