Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti has just dropped the latest allegation against Judge Kavanugh.

He said that he has a client, Julie Swetnick, who has signed sworn testimony that she attended some 10 house parties between 1981 and 1983 and witnessed Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, drug girls with grain alcohol and Quaaludes in order to gang rape them.

After witnessing this, she told no one and continued to attend those parties until she herself was drugged and gang rapped.  She claims her gang rape happened in 1982.

Keep in mind that she said she attended house parties in 1983.  So she witnessed gang rapes at these parties, continued to attend them, got gang raped herself, then went to more of these parties the following year?

She says that she is “aware of other witnesses that can attest to the truthfulness” of her claim.  She does not name the witnesses.

You can read the sworn statement in Avenatti’s twitter here:

Avenatti wants his client’s privacy respected, so he tweeted her name and picture:

He could have sent this to the Senate Judiciary Committee or any Democrat on that committee, but he dumped it onto Twitter.

Again, keep in mind that Avenatti is the lawyer who represented a porn star shaking down Trump for having an affair, and has used that fame to scout out a Presidential run.  Indicating that he is an immoral narcissist to put both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to shame.

This is a shark jump of Evil Kenivel clearing the Snake River Canyon proportion.

I am supposed to believe that a guy that everyone who knows him says is a Choir Boy Eagle Scout, was really out Weinsteining Harvey Weinstein in high school.

But nobody knows about this except the victims with their lack of details.

If there is evidence, if there is proof, I will of course retract my statements.

But right now, everything here is just preposterous.

It’s become some obscene escalation.

The first girl claims she was groped through her clothes and bathing suit. Maybe it happened exactly like that, maybe it didn’t happen at all, maybe it was a bad drunken make-out session in which high school Kavanaugh thought he was getting to second base.  Bad, but not out of the realm of possibilities for a 17 year old in the 80’s.  Especially given 80’s, pre-woke, standards.  Have you ever watched Porky’s?  That was 1981.

The second girl claims she was flashed by Kavanaugh during a drunken game of spin the bottle.  Worse than the first but still, if true, it was college in the 80’s.  Animal House only came out a few years earlier.

Neither of those were penetrative sexual encounters.

Girl number three says that Kavanaugh orchestrated gang rapes.  He wasn’t just a participant, he and Mark Judge actually mixed the drug punch and arranged the train of boy and masterminded this.

That is so out of proportion that it defies intelligent thought.

Yeah, I’m upset about this, but that’s not enough to put me in the “let the civil war happen, I can’t wait to start shooting leftists in the back of the skull mood” that I am in.

Read the comments in Twitter.

The internet has already decided on Kavanaugh’s guilt in this.  As outlandish as it sounds, they’ve decided it’s all true.

This is worse.  But wait, there’s more.

What is the “evidence” that he’s guilty?

He went to Georgetown Prep.  That’s it.

The common attitude is: You know how those entitled prep school kids are.  He absolutely did this because they are all rich, entitled jerks, that think they can get away with this because daddy’s money with protect them.

That is now the standard.  A rape accusation is unimpeachable gospel and a private school education is all the evidence that is needed.

I went to a top tier private high school.  I went to a nationally ranked top tier college.  My dad was a successful attorney who made good money.  I was an Eagle Scout and debate team medalist.  I didn’t drink in high school until my senor prom, but I did drink in college and with my high school buddies in the summer after graduation and our freshman year of college.  I have never done any illegal substances (yes, even pot).  I graduated from high school a virgin and have “known” only one woman in my life, and I’m married to her.

If I had followed in my dad’s footsteps and gone to law school, I’d be Brett Kavanaugh 20 years younger.

Everything I just said, which I am proud of, is now evidence of my guilt if I am ever to be accused of operating a underground rape dungeon entirely because of the class warfare and economic envy of the Leftist hate mob.

This is like the old Soviet Union where academics were executed by the Bolsheviks because they were at the best universities in Czarist Russia.

I will never, ever, be secure because I am a white male who graduated from a Prep School and that makes me guilty by demographic membership.

This is the Reign of Terror online. The angry, envious masses being goaded into mobs of rage by an elite group who have leveled egregious and unfounded accusations against their political enemies.  Instead of heads rolling in the streets, it is careers and reputations being murdered.






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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “CPL has put me in a mass murdering mood”
  1. Senators are saying this sort of thing. Consider alleged senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) who is on the record as saying that the standard of evidence depends on the politics of the accused.
    Stalin would be proud.

  2. Yep, it was a complete and utter secret known to hundreds of impulsive teenagers.

    In a decade of widespread televised prosecutions and convictions of daycare child abuse on the flimsiest of accusations.

    Nope, no one else has said a word to anyone for thirty plus years about multiple felonies occurring.

    I’m surprised that they didn’t throw in some “Satanic Ritual Abuse” to give it some authentic ’80 flavor.

  3. It is being reported that she graduated high school in 1980.

    How many twenty year old women do you know that got down partying with high school junior and senior boys? Especially a twenty year old knowing that the little twerps were drugging and raping their fellow high schoolers?

  4. VOTE REPUBLICAN no matter what. Don’t abstain if your local guy is a RINO. Don’t throw away your vote on a Libertarian. The majority sets the agenda in Congress. We lose that, this year, and you may never have the chance to vote again.

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