CSGV Open Carry Legalized intimidation

This post in Facebook attracted my attention because I know it was going to be full of all kinds of idiocies and it is, but I selected these four because they represent such a concentration of mental, legal and personal failure in a small sample for all to see.  There were tons of responses from the Penile Brigade (You know, those who go out there measuring the size of gun owner’s penis’ and compare them to their guns….sexual assault is called), the “NRA is a terrorist organization” clan, Blood for Money, etc. I chose to give them a rest this time around.

So we have people who never have experienced what intimidation is, are most comfortable assuring everybody OC is intimidation and feel personally insulted if minorities get their rights over the wishes of the majority (I am sure Black, Hispanics and others feel quite safe) and if they see you legally Openly Carrying a weapon, they feel that they must call police, waste taxes and see if a confrontation happens where somebody may get killed because they are such sensitive souls and looking for peace.

It is not scientifically that they feel concealed carry is less aggressive ( actually they are by a factor of six) but some study tells them that they MUST be more dangerous because guns and that gun will be used for bad when intentions are good…HUH?

And since they work for Webster, terrorism is now defined by the carrying of a weapon and not suicide bombing a restaurant of beheading Christians or burning pilots alive inside a cage. Nope, Gun Owners are much worse than that.

It makes total sense….In their little slice of Insanity Land.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “CSGV and Open Carry: A peek into the cliff of ignorance.”
  1. Do these people shit themselves in the presence of every plain clothes police officer they see? That’s actually my no 1 reason for not open carrying, I don’t want to be confused for a cop.

  2. “The world is soooooooooo unsafe that you proles need to stop carrying guns! I mean, it’s a fantasy that anything bad is going to happen to you anyway!” ~ Prog

    Cognitive dissonance is a tent pole of the progressive faith.

  3. I think I’ve posted this before, but an acquaintance of mine equates carrying a gun to punching him in the nose every time I leave the house. He had no response when I asked how he felt around cops, who aren’t usually accomplished marksmen.

  4. It’s amusing to me that their reaction on being “intimidated” by someone open-carrying in a holster is to call the police, who show up (surprise!) open-carrying in a holster.

    Methinks the law should also require the police to take a report on anyone who calls police to “investigate” legal behavior. This creates a paper trail for enforcing the following hierarchy of offenses: First offense is a warning (benefit of doubt). Second offense results in charges of filing false police reports or misuse of 911 services. Third and subsequent offenses result in charges of tax fraud (willful misallocation or misdirection of taxpayer funds).

  5. These “I’ll call the police” idiots need to remember that in most states, 911 call recordings are open records. Get confronted by a cop because someone called? Demand to see the records and be sure to send a very polite thank you note to the asshole.

    “Thanks for calling the police on me. I’m glad your fear is so great the my carrying of a inanimate object scares the living shit out of you. Have a nice life.”

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