They are shocked, I tell you. And they are still beating on the degenerate drum. It won’t be long till they start tagging us with the Sexual Predator tag.


For those who do not know the concept of BBQ gun, it is a Southwest cultural thing that should have been spread across the nation. I’ll leave LawDog do the explaining:

Now, a BBQ gun is a whole different animal. A BBQ gun is what you wear to barbeques, baby christenings, formal balls, and any other place where a fancy jacket or outfit would be worn.Get your paws on a revolver. Smith & Wesson or Colt would be best, although I understand that Brazilian products are becoming accepted. Polished stainless at a minimum, and full-blown nickle is a better. And pony up for full engraving. Have the trigger, hammer, screws and ejection rod anodized blue, gold, or colour-case-hardened for the traditionalists. Now, look in the mirror. Is your mustache over 50% grey? If so, go for pearl grips. 49% or less on the grey-meter, and you’d best stick with ivory. If you go for mother-of-pearl, have it carved or inlaid. Steer heads are a classic pattern, although badges and stars are always safe.

Source: The LawDog Files: Court guns and BBQ guns.

There is more at the link about the leather (yes, leather. No plastic or nylon) and the rest of the outfit.  This would be an example of BBQ gun:

Here are the comments. But you must understand that these are the people who are convinced that grilling a couple of veggie burgers over their  eco-friendly infrared grill is the same as an honest to God all day and all night Texas BBQ.


They are such a pitiful bunch… no joy in their lives.

PS: I selected this as my future BBQ Gun. Yes, the budget is a killer.

LeMat Revolver Engraved By Raymond Wielgus.

Pretty thing ain’t it?


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

21 thoughts on “CSGV discovers BBQ Guns: Bigotry and Stupidity ensues.”
  1. I’d go with a SIG P210 700th Anniversary of the Swiss Confederation.

    Overall I’m not a fan of engraving and gold inlays (usually too Baroque for my taste; and I like the raw utilitarian root of guns) but that LeMat looks sweet.

  2. “You’d be hard-pressed to imagine a more degenerate, immoral industry.”

    I guess killing babies is AOK, though. It’s “choice” after all…

    1. From what I’ve seen, they actually see pro-life lobbyists as worse than pro-gun lobbyists.

      They are, however, implying that dress weapons are worse than human-trafficking rings and child-soldier recruiters.

  3. Polished S&W Mod 66 hammer nose with the 2.5 in barrel, Millet sights, and wood grips.

    I’ve likened BBQ guns to show cars. It’s not your daily driver, it’s the one you take out for special occasions to show off. Especially if you did (most) of the work yourself.

    The appeal to BBQ guns is that it is very affordable. A show car starts in the high tens of thousands of dollars. A BBQ gun can be built on a kitchen table for a few hundred with enough time and love. My S&W was a pawn show special that needed some TLC.

    This is the same reason I love motorcycles. A car that can go fast in the twisties is expensive (Porsche, Lotus). A 600 cc bike that can go fast in the twisties will set you back a couple thousand. Harleys aren’t cheap, but a full dresser will set you back a lot less than a German convertible.

    I bet these same BBQ gun haters also hate sport bikes, Harleys, and public golf courses. Elites hate it when “those people” have nice stuff. Note the redneck with the Confederate flag post.

  4. Already got the nickel Model 19 and leather holster. Have to find me some faux ivory grips. Or pewter.

    The LeMat does look nice. Impractical, but nice.

  5. Dear Facebookers;

    Allison Wheeler Kelley has declared her property a victim-rich zone. Act accordingly.

    1. In less than 10 minutes (allison kelley is a fairly common name, but full names take almost no time at all) I was able find enough info to send her a letter, or make a phone call. Or wish her a happy anniversary to her husband James. Seriously, these people have no idea of personal security in any sense of the word.

      That’s not to suggest anyone should act on that though. That’s bad form.

  6. Who was it that is supposed to have said that only a New Orleans whore would have pearl grips? Even if they didn’t say it, it’s true.

    Faux ivory for those with a budget. There is still some legal ivory out there – but fitted and carved it will cost you more than the gun and holster and boots put together. Walrus or fossil mastodon ivory for those trying to stay within a budget. Good scrimshawing will run well within a budget.

    (Why won’t my pictures upload?!!? :banghead:

    stay safe.

    1. I do believe that was Patton, saying that only a pimp or a cheap New Orleans whore would have pearl grips. His were ivory, IIRC.

  7. What is WRONG with these people that they think the only thing you can do with a gun is go on a killing spree!? They say we’re the violent ones, but apparently we’re the only ones who can figure out nonviolent uses for weapons?

  8. They’re still fixating on “gun” as “killing machine” and anyone who carries as “violent murderer-in-waiting”. They can’t see how, at an event where everyone and everything is dressed up fancy, a firearm can also be a thing of beauty and class.

    You don’t see “honor guard” Marines in their Class A uniforms standing over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier holding their sandbox-patrol M4A1s. No, they hold white-wood furnished, nickel-plated, polished-til-they-glow M14s. It’s a solemn, ceremonial weapon (though I have no doubt they still shoot straight), befitting of a solemn, ceremonial duty.

    THAT’s what a “BBQ Gun” is for. Special occasions, when a utilitarian-black pistol would be as out-of-place as tennis shoes and t-shirts.

  9. S&W Trail Boss in stainless, with Ahrends rosewood grips. No it’s not engraved or inlaid, but it is a 3″ .44 and that makes up some.

  10. In my eyes, the BBQ gun idea as press is semi-satirical, and something you’d do for fun, especially if open carry is allowed/welcomed at the social event you are in attendance at. The article was just a fun way to showcase some beautiful pieces of gunsmith artistry.

    CSGV, of course, conveniently ignores the semi-satirical bent of the article, and goes for the threats. Any other FB page would have been shut down already. CSGV advocates physical harm, suicide, and violence.

    But I don’t think we should act repressed at all. We’re gun owners and we need to be above their nonsense. CSGV has given themselves enough rope to hang themselves with.

  11. I guess I’m too low brow: my barbecue gun is a Sig P238 in “rosewood tribal”, but it’s the prettiest gun I own.

    True story: one of the grip screws came out and I called Sig to buy a replacement. They offered me four for free and I made sure to specify it was the rainbow titanium finish for my “pimp gun”. The guy started laughing and asked if I had gotten shoes with goldfish in them for the gun.

  12. I have a nice polished stainless Delta Elite 10mm that could do with something unique and classy for grips. Likewise the S&W 686. Otherwise, it’s pretty much come as you are with me. All that engraving makes me think Mexican drug kingpin more than BBQ. Now, you do have me thinking, a reproduction LeMat might find a bit of a market.

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