CSGV Dakota Meyer

In case you live in some cave in Bora Bora, this is another picture of Dakota Meyer.
dakota meyer Medal of Honor.

When I saw the CSGV bit pop in my timeline, I went: “Oh dear God, you didn’t. Nothing good is gonna come out of this.” The issues seems to be the 1911 with the hammer down, on the night table.

I was not disappointed at the reaction from the Laddites:

CSGV Dakota Meyer2

I really do not want to be in the shoes of the CSGV intern when Marines (and I am sure others in different uniform too) discover this absolute display of disrespect to Sgt. Meyers.

I will get me a huge bag of popcorn though.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

16 thoughts on “CSGV: It was like watching a multiple car accident.”
  1. Howdy Miguel,
    I actually went to the wonkette site to see first hand and it held firmly to its reputation for not caring about the truth. My guess is that SGT Meyer could care less. Perhaps he’ll respond with something like his invitation to ISIS to join his reading club.
    It always impresses me that the faction that claims to care about peoples’ feelings only does so if those people fall into their stereotype. I highly recommend reading “Into The Fire” by SGT Meyer. It’s a wonderful portrayal of his experiences both in theatre and after his return. I’m very glad he looks to be entering a very well deserved happy time in his life.

    1. I also made the mistake of going to the Wonkette site. Everything about their article was just plain nastiness.

      OK, if they want to critique the gun on the nightstand, I’m not going to split hairs over that. I don’t know what the situation was just before the pic was taken, but I store my home defense gun a little farther away from my 10 month old than that.

      But to mock him over having a pacifier in his mouth while holding an infant is just pure bitchiness. That’s what a man looks like when he is caring for a baby. I’ve done it. My buddies with their own kids have done it. Then to suggest that the baby is drugged for no reason what-so-ever, is just… beyond the pale. These people are just assholes for no other reason than to be assholes.

      I could care less about the Palins (I neither love them or hate them), but to mock a man for being a good dad/adoptive father/uncle/etc. makes my parental blood boil. I wasn’t a marine, but now I want to kick Wonkette ass on behalf of good dads everywhere.

  2. What is their fascination with always claiming gun owners are ‘compensating’? Perhaps they need to reflect inward…

    1. It’s just a way to try to shame gun owners. They don’t have facts on their side, nor logic, nor statistics, nor SCOTUS decisions. So they play the shame card. Poorly.

      It’s all they have.

    2. They (or the men they’ve slept with) all have tiny penises and they can’t stand the thought of anybody on the other side having one larger. The other side(us) understand that the size isn’t really that important. The existence of lesbians proves you don’t need a penis at all to please a woman, let alone a large one.

      Fun fact: a study found that republicans make better lovers than democrats.

  3. The man fought for his country. Bravely and well. He risked it all to save his comrades. He is engaged to a pretty lady and with an adorable baby. He has zero concern for how others view him.

    Of course they are want to mock and ridicule the good Sergeant…he’s everything they’re not.

    1. He’s not an actor, or a musician, or a politician handing out free money.
      Nor is he a parasite, like themselves. of course they hate him.

  4. Now I see the problem – binky’s should never be used. They lil’ones want something to suck on give ’em a chicken leg. Anyone giving their kid a pacifier should be reported to Child Services.

  5. The real geniuses are out on this one…
    What is it with these morons. All they can do is to sit around and insult people…
    I mean how much thinking does that require???

    1. My two cents is I’m still observing safe storage. If you always have hands on either the firearm OR the kid, you are directly controlling access. Granted, I usually use this high tech device called a holster, which lets me hold both.

  6. I had to share this to be able to comment.

    These gun hating sons of bitches piss me off to no end. Dakota Meyers has more honor in his little finger than the whole bunch of gun haters have in their collective bodies. All they can seem to do is name call and disparage. That’s because they have nothing but emotion. They are so filled with hate it’s not funny. I hope their hate burns them to a crisp.

  7. Overnight, Wonkette deleted every comment defending Mr. Meyers and blocked the authors. They couldn’t take the heat. It was glorious!

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