So Ladd posed the following question to his followers:
CSGV Refugee question

Are you ready? Here we go with their answers:

CSGV Refugee question 1

I am not going to make a long write about this, but I do want to say something to the idiotic snowflakes above: If you feel safer among the Syrians, move to f****ing Syria! 


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “CSGV Part Zwei: I don’t want you to be your neighbor.”
  1. Get their addresses. Drop off a refugee family in their guest bedroom.

    Oh, yeah – create a minefield around their house so nobody can get loose in the neighborhood.

    stay safe.

    1. Funny, you and I had very similar thoughts. The interesting thing about the internet and prevalence of social media is that I was able to get an address on some of these names almost without effort. Literally less than five minutes, with LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and, and I have addresses, phone numbers and places of employment to go with names. I don’t have access to any special websites or background check services. Just the good old internet.

      Not that I’d ever do anything with it, mind you. I really couldn’t care less that they want to trade their gun owning neighbors for Syrian refugees. Because, as Miguel says, if they want Syrian neighbors, they should move to Syria.

      Now, if they want to actually force their gun owning neighbors out, as a few of them have suggested, that’s another matter…. I suspect that they haven’t entirely thought that through.

      But, I guess it goes to show just how unrealistic of a fantasy world they live in that they have made not only no effort to prevent anyone from getting that information, they have broadcast it so that people can find it. And they don’t see anything wrong with that.

  2. I like the one couple that would like to host a refugee family. I hope that it works out well for them.
    However, do they know that islam commands their “guests” to kill them if they do not convert?

    Meanwhile, I guess I am a gun rights activist (which means I like the Constitution as plainly written).
    I do not have any commandment to kill gun control freaks.

  3. I’ve got a better question for them: Would they rather be in a *room* with 100 Syrian refugees or 100 gun nuts?

    People at gun shows are some of the friendliest, most polite people I’ve ever met.

  4. The SJW’s have an unspoken belief that there is an unseen Aura of SJW Virtue surrounding them, the reverse of the negative, bad karma attracting energy emitted by guns. This positive Aura of SJW Virtue would protect them from nature’s ravages, making them friends to all things living*. By possessing this Aura of SJW Virtue, the poor little oppressed minorities will look upon them as hip, cool, and recognize the possessor of SJW Virtue Energy as their protectors and betters**.

    Were it not for all the negative, bad karma attracting energies from the Right***, this Aura of SJW Virtue would make the world a better, peaceful place.

    *like that one guy with the bears in Alaska.
    **Not that they’ve really met any black people outside of campus
    ***Kind of like how Captain Planet’s powers are disabled by pollution

    1. “Aura of SJW Virtue” — ASV.
      WOW! You have just invented a great acronym! Put an ad in Mother Earth News to sell ASV for only $99: “Take a trip to Beirut to see the sights and fear nothing! Our portable ASV will make you as safe when you travel as a Gun-Free Zone back home! Order yours today! 15% discount for Bloomburger drones…

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  6. And how, exactly, do they propose forcibly removing the “gun nuts” from their homes and sending them to Syria? Funny thing about that – preventing that sort of thing is kinda what the 2nd Amendment is all about. Plus, they’ve demonstrated that there are actually people in this country who would like to implement such a policy. So they’ve just shown both the purpose AND the utility of the 2nd Amendment without even realizing it. How precious.

  7. If they want to live with refugees so bad,then as they say don’t let the door hit you in butt on the way out.It will cut down on the insane people we have in the country. BYE BYE

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