This came in an Netflix email. It is some new show called “Sweet Tooth.”

My first thought was “So young and already a cuckold? Talk about crappy First Love.”

You see dear readers, for a lot of cultures outside the US, any male sporting horns is the image of the poor sack whose wife is being brutally unfaithful. Called cornudo in Spanish and cornuto in Italian and pretty much the same idea through the Mediterranean.  No idea where else.

By the way, this ain’t Hook ’em Horns for many people around the world, but a major cause of a beatdown when you were trying to identify yourself as a member of UT Austin. When you point his at somebody, you are calling him a cornudo and he will not appreciate it.

Just wanted to share that with the readers.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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11 thoughts on “Cultural Background is important to your target audience.”
  1. Mrs. B and I saw a blurb about that show. It’s a series called “Sweet tooth” about a half-human, half-deer in a post-apocalyptic world.

    We looked at each other, said “No” simultaneously, and browsed on.

    Both of us generally like science fiction, but we were getting a seriously SJ slamhammer vibe off it just from the preview. But, if that’s not the case, please let me know.

    1. Saw episode 1. And part of 2, so far. Apparently its from a DC comic (please correct me if I’m wrong).
      The sequence about the father training his son on how to survive was interesting. Don’t know if I will finish the series. Depends on what happens in episode 2.

      1. The comic book came out in 2009, from DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint – speciality comics that tend to be more artsy and mature and are (usually) not connected to their mainstream superhero line. It ran for some forty-ish issues. The creator is a Canadian comic book artist and writer named Jeff Lemire.

        He’s a Canadian and an artist, so naturally he’s a bit of a lefty… But he’s doesn’t appear to be much of a stridently SJW type. He’s written mostly small press indie books and indie-like books for the Big Two of Marvel and DC. He’s never had any “AAA” superhero books, like X-Men or the Batman, but he’s done good work on Hawkeye, Animal Man, Green Arrow and other “C List” heroes. Tends to work a lot of horror, suspense, and paranoia in his works… Sort of Stephen King-y or David Lynch-esque.

        Not an author who’s work I make a point of following, but when I’ve read his stuff I’ve usually enjoyed it. I haven’t actually read Sweet Tooth… But it had a long run, so it must have sold fairly well, which means it had an audience. The comic book market is brutal these days, many books don’t last four issues. Let alone forty.

      1. You mean it’s not about bigotry against tolerance? About a hated minority being hunted for being different and how our plucky heroes stand up to hate?

  2. In China and other parts of Asia wearing a green hat is a sign of being a chuck while having horns or other animal parts is a sign of being a nature demon.

  3. Thanks for the education. I always thought of horns as masculine, as in many species, only males have them. I never would have thought of them as a symbol of being a cuckold. Good to know.

    Green hats? What on earth do the Chinese think of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations?

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