Another day, another glorious Tweet from David Hogg.

So, he thinks that because the NRA claimed it is suffering financial hardship in NY, it’s near bankruptcy, which means the NRA lied, which means they are in “contept [sic] of court.”

But the NRA isn’t running out of money, which is the issue with bankruptcy.  They are being denied banking and insurance services by the State of New York because of political malfeasance and goverment abuse.  Those are not the same thing.

Also, the operating money and the lobbying money are not all the same money.  So just because NRA corporate is being choked by NY, doesn’t mean they can’t lobby.

Lastly, David Hogg has no idea what contempt of court is.

Why should he know any of this.  He’s got a high school diploma and rejected from every college he’s applied to.  But the media has convinced him that every word out of his mouth is correct and golden, no matter how technically wrong he is.

So now he’s a financial and legal scholar…. who can’t spell contempt.

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By J. Kb

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