David Hogg should do some research.

These two tweets from Young Gobbles are precious:

Number one: Using Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition fundraising tactics died sometime in the early 2000s. And extortion tends to be specially ineffective if you are this blatant about it.

Number 2: Out of all the gun companies in the US, you went and picked up Smith and Wesson to try to force them to go into surrendering to excessive government guidelines. You see, in 1987, S&W was bought by Tomkins a British company for $112 million, a bad time to do so with all the Anti Gun furor of the times.  But being very British, in 2000 they made an agreement with the Clinton Administration. It ran the standard Gun Control sopping list of high-capacity magazines, locking devices, prohibiting dealers to sell at Gun Shows, etc. In exchange, the administration was going to help them get police contracts and select them as only providers for Federal Law Enforcement.

It went bad, really bad.

You see, there is this law that forces the Feds to take bids from different companies and go through a process to acquire goods from private companies and the same applies to most of the states and city departments. This is to avoid corruption at government levels, but being the Clintons, they thought they were above that.  So that great scheme to be the only supplier went down in flames badly, but that was not the great fall, not by far: Once the deal was publicized with great fanfare, almost overnight the sales of Smith and Wesson products froze. Gun owners simply applied Wallet Warfare and stop buying Smith and Wesson products, gun stores returned their stock to the company and demanded refunds. Even Pawn Shops could not sell used S&W firearms because gun owners saw it as a brand of treason.

In May 2001, Smith and Wesson was sold by Tomkins to Safe T Lock, and American company for $15 million or basically 10 cents on the dollar. The company changed its business name and pretty much ignored any gun deal done  with the Clintons.

Smith and Wesson is going through a contraction in the market and they are not that stupid to be blackmailed by a teenager supported by the same assholes that keep betting they go under. They know that the demand for  5 million and the AWB are just the beginning and they will come back for more. So unless somebody substituted the S&W board with certified morons, there is no way in hell Hogg is gonna get what he is trying to extort.

One bitten, twice shy.


5 Replies to “David Hogg should do some research.”

  1. Following that demand would mean that S&W would have to stop producing most of the M&P series of semi auto pistols, which right now is more than half of the sales of the entire company.

  2. “David Hogg should do some research.”

    Actually, Goebbels Jr. needs to get his sorry behind back to school and learn how not to be a leech on society.

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