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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

83 thoughts on “David Hogg strolling NYC with armed bodyguards.”
  1. Definition of hypocrite
    1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
    2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings
    3 : see above pics of “Camera” Hogg in NYC

    1. See, there’s where you make your mistake. It’s not about beliefs or principles, it’s about social status. Hogg isn’t being false or contradictory; he never had any really strong principles anyway. He’s signaling that he’s of the social class important enough to wander around NYC with his earbuds in, and be safe in doing so because he has his own bodyguards to provide protection. After all, only the very most important people have armed security with them on the street… right?
      Seen in this light, he’d no more step outside his hotel without a pack of armed security penguins to stand between him and the peasants than he would step outside without pants. Someone might mistake him for a common person.

      William Shatner, “Common People”

      1. He needs those bodyguards because for some reason everyone has lost their damn minds.

          1. He’s special in that so many mud-eaters have threatened his life. What he’s not is suicidal.

            1. Nobody is threatening to kill him and you’re basically proving gun control laws don’t protect him because he needs armed guards.

            2. Alex: those “mud-eaters” you insultingly refer about are capable of placing a body shot 100 yards away. If anybody in the Gun Community would really want to kill that sorry shit, a couple of bodyguard standing around him are not going to do shit.

              And I am not going to talk about those 14 million “mud-eaters” that can place a bullet in a 4 inch circle at 200-300 and even more yards away. We call them hunters.

              Hogg is an albatross hung around the Gun Control movement. Why would we want to harm him?

              1. 100 yds blindfolded. Most of us are practiced enough to hit 300 to 500 yds.(hunting for food, of course).

              2. actually, most of us “mud-eaters” can end you from another zip code. if we wanted to do someone harm, they would never see us or hear the shot that ends them.

              3. Demorats love him he’s a distraction they need to cover up all the corruption the the IG found and now they need garbage slight of hand to keep the focus off of them.

            3. So you’re saying nobody else other than Hogg is in danger of being attacked? The students in our schools aren’t in danger? The same students Hogg is adamantly against having armed guards in schools to protect? The only difference between armed guards protecting students and armed guards protecting Hogg as far as he’s concerned is that they’re protecting him. If that isn’t the best definition of BEING A PHONY then I need a new dictionary

            4. Number one he has been the one making threats number 2 I was a police officer for 32 years and worked Homicide and sex crimes and have made more arrests than I can remember and a little man wants to tell me and others we don’t know what it’s like to be shot at he has no idea what he is talking about

            5. Hey Alex “Mud-eater” here as you say. You seem to me to be one of those people. Yeah you know what I mean. Check it out stupid, I live in south east Georgia, yes I am a gun owner. I don’t know about any one else, but I’ll bet you 20 bux , I could hit a cracker in your hand at 400 yds with my Remington 30-06. A couple body guards , ? Yeah ok. Besides , isn’t this clown that guy that is always stirring crap at rallies?

            6. You are assuming he is worth the powder and shot it would take to blow him away.

              He isn’t. He’s just a light in the loafers punk,enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

        1. NYC is a gun control paradise with a super-low gun violence rate…and he’s STILL using armed security while demanding the disarmament of the rest of us.

          1. Minus that NYPD has been caught cooking the books to artificially lower those numbers.

            also minus that their stabbings are pretty prolific…..oh and they have UK style knife laws too.

          2. He can go pound sand. I’m never giving up my guns nor am I going to go out and commit crimes with them.

        2. Nah, it’s status signaling- just like if one of the Kardashian barbies had shown up with a handbag dog, or rappers in $500 sneakers. Too bad you got suckered by it.

          1. The only one sucking here is you ,bud.

            Hogg is a Caddilac Communist, and the sooner he gets taken down behind the bleachers or by the train tracks or wherever he goes to pretend he’s’ Anderson, the better.

            1. “Reading Comprehension” : just two disconnected words in a book to you, aren’t they? Try to actually pay attention to what someone has written and to whom they addressed It before you insult someone, you ignorant twatwaffle.

              And I don’t have to suck anything as long as your father is in the room.
              (seriously, your dad’s a total whore.)

        3. People need to be able to protect themselves from bad guys, especially the ones who aren’t tweeting empty threats. The difference is that Hogg doesn’t want the rest of us to provide our own security.

        4. Yes, cause of the bullshit coming out of that punks mouth. Let’s see where he’s at when he grows up and security has long since left his ass. Doubt he will be man enough to do this unpaid, unscripted, and unprotected!
          He’s a Little punk ass bitch!

        5. If he’s going to keep attacking citizens right to self defense, people are going to keep “losing their minds” over this little shit.

        6. But no one else is allowed personal defense in this same environment? What makes Hogg so special?

      2. W. 55th Street, shown in one of the pictures, is a very safe part of town. I want to see him on 121st Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.

          1. BS. I live here. Maybe 1-2 blocks on far West 55 can get hinky late at night, but the crime rate is high in most of Harlem, especially East Harlem.

    2. Let Hogg-dog come to Arizona and we’ll show him how the cow eats the cabbage.

    3. So the stupid Hogg kid is pro-gun after all. He just likes to stir up shit and get his name in the news. He has some serious mental issues.

    4. So the guy that thinks it’s too easy for crazy people to get guns has an armed guard. I would too if I were him. He needs an armed guard to walk the streets; that proves his point.

  2. i think it is time that the IRS start looking into all these free trips, clothes, etc that he is getting and find out if he is paying taxes on them. Somehow that has to be illegal. They count gifts as income, this has to be income some way or fashion. bring the regulatory boot down on him hard and fast. Just like Obama did.

    1. Gifts are not taxable income. The Donor can be taxed if the Gift is substantial enough; but the amount is pretty good sized (w/o having to pay Gift Tax). Could also be a Non-Profit funding his travel and/or wardrobe; a Charitable Remainder Trust (such as the Clinton Foundation), donating to his cause….or if they are really slick they could have formed their own Charitable Remainder Trust to fund his adventures.

  3. As if I did not have enough reasons to despise this guy already, he walks around with his iPhone “air pods” in all the time.

    Not only do those things have about the worst sound reproduction and battery life out there, the fact that he thinks listening to music (or more likely his own voice) is more important than interacting with the people around him makes him an even bigger D-bag.

    1. He is going to be constantly on the phone with a network of Democrat Party handlers.

  4. Not trying to be obnoxious but how do know they are armed? I did not see any “tells” but perhaps I missed them.

    1. Not at all. The way they are dressed, haircut, buttoned roomy jacket in a summer day, it all screams bodyguard. And the ones we have seen previously paid by Michael Bloomberg for Shannon Watts look about the same.

      1. +1 I have personally witnessed Shannon Watts’ private security in Atlanta. They were pros, she had 4 (one near her, 3 on perimeter….plus whoever was driving the van that picked her up) and they all were armed.

    2. You aren’t going to see any weapons displayed. That is The whole idea. Look at the secret service. Black suits, Sun glasses, and earbuds.

  5. Pretty pathetic PSD he has. Zero eye contact with street crowd, vehicle traffic ECT. Tall skinny shit would be down before they had a clue

  6. David Hogg is a nobody punk with a big mouth and bigger ambitions of being an actor. He has pissed off America and he knows it…..No talent attention whore who makes claims of being a survivor of the Parkland shooting! yet was all the way on the other side of the campus and NO WHERE NEAR Cruz……..This is a great example of what is ruining America!

  7. Yes, cause of the bullshit coming out of that punks mouth. Let’s see where he’s at when he grows up and security has long since left his ass. Doubt he will be man enough to do this unpaid, unscripted, and unprotected! Litter punk ass bitch!

  8. Look at the emergency light 3 LED strip in the back glass (top right) of the black suburban he is getting in. This would indicate he is being chauffeured by and probably protected by a government law e enforcement agency.

  9. Soros and Bloomberg have gave his family so much money. He is probably set for life as long as he keeps filling their agenda and building his little Hitler Army. He will be a self made multi millionaire. The more followers he gets the more he gets paid but mother’s running the show. I seen somewhere a while back that he wasn’t even at school that day.

  10. I guess he feels he’s a famous actor now. I wonder how long it will be before the #MeToo complaints against him surface.

  11. Mr. Anti-Gun, David Hogg out in public with armed body guards makes him a hypocrite. We all know he’s a closet coward and a bully with his group. He knows the shooter was looking for him and his group, they drove him mad. Instead he killed 17 other kids and wounded many more, while you were hiding like the coward you are. Why didn’t you all confront the killer try to talk him down or sacrifice yourselves. HE WANTED YOU, FOR BULLYING HIM, YOU ALL DROVE HIM TO COMMITT MURDER. YET today you are having a book sale, with armed security.
    YOU ARE THE EPITOME OF A HYPOCRITE AND A COWARD. You had better go into hiding. You cant have a body guard for the rest of your life but you will need one.
    It’s Good that God Forgives, because many people will never forgive you a coward, a bully and a hypocrite.

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