Tell me again how QAnon is just a conspiracy and Woke society is not actually run by a cabal of elite pedophiles.

I was born in the early 1980s and grew up in the 1990s.

I remember the zenith of American gay culture.

Tom Hanks tugged at our heartstrings as a gay lawyer in Philadelphia (one of my all time favorite legal dramas), which was nominated for Best Screenplay (and it should have won).

Eric McCormack was a nice gay lawyer on TV in the popular sitcom Will and Grace.

The gay community was on the cusp of being as normalized and accepted as could be.

Of course there would always be holdouts, but I can tell you as a Jew, you’ll never be accepted by everyone, there will always be bigots.

But the plurality of Americans had no problem with gays as middle-class people next door who just had a different kind of sex.

And in 2015 you won the right to marry in Obergefell v. Hodges.  You were as accepted as you were going to get.  Congratulations.

Then you started to go wrong.

Gay became LGBT and the T took over as the loudest, squeakiest wheel.

We, the normal people, are not taking kindly to that.  We don’t like watching boys with long hair beat our daughters in sports.  We especially don’t like teachers teaching our children about weird fuck-off pronouns instead of proper English.

But now it seems the LGBT community wants to normalize pedophilia.

The gay community fought for decades against the stigma that they were pedophiles and child predators.

Now it seems like you’re telling us that was a lie and you really were the monsters you swore you weren’t.

Let me tell you that the only reason there are not death squads of angry fathers hunting down and murdering pedophiles is because were still holding onto the thinnest veneer of civil society.

The gay community really needs to root out these people in their midst and deal with them because if all of this goes tits up, the death squads of pedo killing fathers are not going to sort the good gays from the Woke pedo gays, everyone with a Pride flag is going in the chipper.


Just so you understand where I’m coming from, why do you think I am so vehemently anti Leftist Jew?

Because I am well aware of the damage being done to society be Leftists who identify as Jews and the perception of Jews as Woke destroyers of Western Civilization.

I don’t want to be shoved into a has chamber so it’s in my best interest to keep the Woke Leftist Jews from ending civilization and painting a target on my back in the process.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “Dear LGBT, you need to clean your house before it gets cleaned for you”
  1. This sort of shot has nothing to do with what used to be known as “gay culture” or the LGBT community. This shit is entirely a product of progressive hard leftists and their continual need to latch onto and subvert other social movements; Theh add like one of those parasite fungi that mind-control ants and force them to climb to a height where they can better spread spores.

    1. “This shit is entirely a product of progressive hard leftists and their continual need to latch onto and subvert other social movements;”

      That, right there.

      This is not really about rights. It is about destroying the current cultural norm. Where is this coming from? Equity, critical theory, statism, etc… The leftists would be very happy make the all encompassing State the primary (ideally the only) relationship in your life. Love of big brother, above all.

      You cannot get people to love the State above all if you do not destroy the conventional social mores.

  2. “Because I am well aware of the damage being done to society be Leftists who identify as Jews and the perception of Jews as Woke destroyers of Western Civilization.”

    This. Many times this.

    I fear that too many Jews would willingly lead other Jews to death if the circumstances were to be present. Sigh.

  3. It may well be true that it’s inborn. And it may well be that a portion of the people who have this keep their tendencies under control so nothing bad happens. The same can probably be said about kleptomania or homicidal tendencies.

    But so what? If you have a mental problem but you control it, whether on your own or with the help of a psychiatrist, that’s fine. No harm, no foul. That does not in any way suggest the behavior in question is “normal”.

    So as Ish suggests, something else is going on here. My question is “what is the motive”? Why this propaganda push, and why now? What is the goal of the people who are propagandizing this narrative?

    1. Why this propaganda push, and why now?

      Why this propaganda push? It’s the next logical step. First was to get “alternative lifestyles” (e.g. the L, G, and B in “LGBTQIAA+”) normalized and accepted, then secure legal rights for those groups (see: Obergefell), then expand it to other groups under that umbrella.

      Why now? They’ve run out of letters in the current acronym, so to keep the “movement” from fizzling out they have to add new ones.

      But why this particular one? (IOW, “Why pedophilia, of all things?”) I suspect partly because so many of those who would seize control “swing that way”, but mostly it’s because of the simple depravity and moral repugnance. That’s the real point; to take something so intrinsically evil and make it normal and celebrated.

      It’s all maneuvers at this point. It’s not about fighting the moral/ethical battles yet; it’s about shaping the moral/ethical battlefield. It’s about shifting the Overton Window as far left as possible, to get as many freedomistas ejected from “polite society” (read: off the battlefield) as possible and ensure that the “silent majority” stays silent.

      Because the motive and end goal are what Ish just said here: to destroy Western Civilization in general and America in particular, and bring about their Marxist utopia. Any nation or culture that values protection of the innocent and individual freedoms over criminality and collectivist control is a threat to their world view and must be torn down, and not just torn down, but also written out of history so that it’s never tried again.

  4. I’m like you, gorram tired of being lumped in with shit-lib cultural “Jews”. And you are 1 million percent right in your post.

  5. And way back when, we were mocked and ridiculed and and called homophobes because we suggested that accepting sexual deviancy (homosexuality) would lead to the normalization of “Minor Attracted People”.

  6. “weird fuck-off pronouns”

    I laughed out loud at this. I feel the same way.

    Am I supposed to play 20 questions with these people before I actually talk to them? Not gonna do it.

    I’ve noticed over the years, the more letters that got added after LG, the more this shit got out of hand. It’s to the point that some of these people live in a made up fairy land with their shifting genders and made up terms.

    As for the Ps, I don’t give a shit what group they belong to, the alphabet community or heterosexual, black, white, yellow or brown, and no regard for religion. You violate a child, your cure is a pill measured in grains.

  7. I’m hopeful that this may be a bridge too far for left leaning soccer moms the same way critical race theory was in Virginia. Of course some will spout the party line, but I can think of several who won’t. My guess is they’ll try to back door this like CRT then claim it doesn’t exist.

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