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So, they can only have the 15+ mags on duty and while coming and going to an authorized place of duty.

I will say I agree, but I am dumbfounded about the political myopia that comes from not giving the exception to cops outside the job. Are they not expecting cops to be ticked off about possibly going to jail if they stave off an attack at home and they happen to use a gun with a 17 round mag?

I do believe New Jersey Gun Owners will benefit from the Separation of Liberal State and Law Enforcement.  Cops will be less inclined on giving them crap for having one of the Evil Assault Magazine Clips.

When an enemy is making a mistake, do not correct him as Bonaparte said once.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “Dear New Jersey Cops: you don’t get an exception on magazines.”
      1. There’s a school of thought that holds the best tactic for protesting a law you dislike is _rigorously_ following it in an act of malicious compliance. By strictly following the law, knowing full well that following the law to the letter will cause so much disruption that the whole system will collapse.

        Every police officer in the state should arrest each other, in a massive “blue flu” type strike.

  1. Law enforcement carve outs exist for one reason only – to keep the police on the side of the politicians when it comes to enforcement of gun laws. As indicated in this post, lets’ see what happens now that this has been removed. Some cops will refuse to arrest other cops, but there are plenty of inter-agency pissing contests out there, so it’s only a matter of time before an off duty guy is arrested for this. Then the fun begins.

  2. @HP and all:

    If you recall, New York State made the same “mistake” with their mis-named “SAFE Act”. They limited semi-autos to 7-round magazines, then had to amend it to allow 10-round magazines (with the caveat that they can only be loaded to 7 rounds), AND had to amend it AGAIN to provide a LEO exemption.

    The original 7-rounds-or-less version applied to LEOs, too, both on- and off-duty.

    And so it went with New Jersey’s new magazine limit. As written, there is no off-duty LEO exemption. It’s my firm belief that that wasn’t an oversight; the politicians don’t want LEOs to have so-called “large capacity magazines” except during the hours LEOs are doing the politicians’ bidding. It’s only being “fixed” because the politicians are being called out on it; don’t think they wouldn’t leave it if they could and still keep LEO support.


    Dear LEOs and associated unions,

    The liberal politicians are not your friends. The exemptions provided in gun laws that allow you to carry effective sidearms, are provided as a “correction” to a “mistake”, and only to keep you on their side. In reality, the “mistake” was letting you find out about it; if you hadn’t, they’d hang you out to dry. If they cared more about your safety, exemptions would be built in from the start, and if they cared any less or didn’t need your support, they wouldn’t provide any exemptions.

    You are an afterthought to them, when you’re thought of at all.

    On the other hand, we – the People of the Gun – love you guys and gals. We appreciate your dedication to law and order and the service you perform, we welcome you into our communities, and we want to see you come home safely every day.

    Plus, we have cookies.

    If the liberal politicians aren’t putting your safety first, if your fundamental safety is a begrudging afterthought to them, and provided only to keep you complacent, then f#$k ’em. They don’t deserve your support. Let them enforce their own damn laws.

    Join us. Come for the cookies, stay for the freedom and community support.

    The People of the Gun, and 2A advocates everywhere

    P.S. – Seriously, have you TRIED my wife’s cookies? 😉

  3. Also, RE: “interagency pissing contests”: Does the 10-round mag limit apply to FEDERAL LEOs, too?

    Are FBI agents disallowed from carrying their Glocks and SIGs off-duty now?

    Oh, the possibilities…. 😀

    1. @Archer: A very valid question about Federal LEO’s. I know here in NY, the Feds ignored the SAFE Act debacle with the 7 round thing while on duty. What would NY have done, dispatched the Troopers to arrest all FBI, Border Patrol, Customs, ICE, etc…? States don’t get to dictate the policies that the Feds use in their own agencies. Imagine a situation in which the Feds have authority to carry standard magazines but all state agencies are hamstrung. That would be a hoot.

      As for off duty carry, LEOSA doesn’t cover magazine capacity, only the carriage of firearms. That said, what if a Fed carries his duty gun off duty, and the gun only comes with 13 or 17 round magazines? Is it incumbent upon the Fed to buy a 10 round magazine to carry? Is that Fed authorized to use a non-departmental magazine in his work gun? Possibilities, indeed!

      1. If no federal law enforcement exemption is found in the law, it would be a brilliant act of malicious compliance for a local sheriff or police chief to arrest any FBI, DEA, or BATFE agents in his jurisdiction. Federal agents are still subject to state laws, after all.

  4. Dear Citizens of Verona:

    Due to recent gang activity, the courts have decided that you may no longer carry a 30″ sword. From now on, only 24″ swords and shorter will be allowed. Any deviation from this rule will result in arrest and prosecution.

    This will keep our city much safer!

    the courts of Verona

  5. Good the police should have to live under the same laws and rules from the tyrants that all of us mortals have to also live under.. Then maybe they will get a taist of what its like to be a member of the slave class instead of the owner class like many cops view them selves to be in.

  6. Meanwhile the criminals all have their standard (12, 15 or 17 round) magazines and do not worry about being charged with a “high capacity” magazine when a more serious charge of murder, attempted murder or any other crime higher than a fourth degree felony.

  7. The law was amended to prohibit magazines with more than 10 round capacity. So it is not just 16 round magazines and up.

    How many officers have magazines at home, of more than 10 round capacity? A lot, I would bet.

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