I want to make it clear, this fucking asshole does not represent the opinion of the majority – if the entire rest – of the Jewish community in the United States.

This bitch is the worst kind of Progressive.  She needs to feel like a victim during the Holidays and is using her “Judaism” to give her a grievance and an excuse to make other people feel like shit.

This attitude is both disgusting and the antithesis of Jewish teachings.

It is Rabbinic teaching: Dina d’malkhuta dina  which means “the law of the land is the law.”

As Jews, we are supposed to follow the laws and customs of the nations in which we live – except when they directly contradict Jewish laws.

As a Jew living in a majority Christian country, if we are wished a “Merry Christmas,” it is both the decent thing and the Jewish obligation to wish the other person a “Merry Christmas” back.

This woman is a shame on the Jewish community and to her parents and really needs to crawl under a rock and shut the fuck up for… ever.

I’m sorry.

Ignore this piece of misery spreading human garbage.


Your Jewish Friend

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Dear nice and decent Christians,”
  1. Ever notice that the Jews who get all pissed off about being told “Merry Christmas” are never so gung-ho about Tisha B’Av, Sukot, Yom Kippur, et cetera?

    1. Willing to bet the Plopping Jews who do this could recite the SHMA if they had to. Or say Modeh Ani as they arise. Or have even a barest clue how to bind Tefillin.

  2. One does get the feeling she spent the last few days just hoping hoping hoping that one of her coworkers would say just that, so she could self righteously screech that into their face, and everyone else would stand up and cheer and chant “you go girl!”.

    Instead, they just smiled, and replied “Happy Hanukkah to you too!”, or other similar polite replies.

  3. Good owing up in a small town we had 1 Jewish family in town. We had a classmate who around Christmas would explain how they celebrate the holiday. We were all jealous 4 th graders cause he got several days of presents, he also participated in ALL the things we did as a class without getting butthurt Ahhhh the good old days

  4. I’ve gotten into the habit saying “You also” to any type of well wishing. For example,

    “Merry Christmas!” – You also!
    “Happy Hannukah!” – You also!
    “Fuck you, asshole!” – You also!

  5. I would have to tell her the one thing that would crush her: I’m not at all offended by “Happy Hanukkah”. I’d thank her and wish her the same.

  6. I will confess that there are times I feel like saying that, but I never do because I have the maturity and perspective to refrain from counterproductive behavior. I keep my Chag Sameach to people I know and usually give some generic happy holidays in response.

    I also don’t think the Safeway cashier ringing up my bag of rice got my Chinese Food on Christmas reference. Personally I downplay the importance of Chanukah because I dislike the idea of “Jewish Christmas”, although I do stick an electric menorah in the window to show why I don’t have Christmas lights.

  7. What ever happened to “when in Rome…”

    Why choose to be offended? Why not just insta-translate Merry Christmas into Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Holidays, or Happy Festivus, or whatever. Why make a scene?

    Well, I know exactly. A good leftist wants to destroy the established norms. Can’t allow anyone to think, or act, in any way that could potentially offend someone. Right?

    By the way. How would anyone know what does, or does not offend her?

    Seriously. Does this A-hole wear a sign with full details of her life on it.
    1. I am Jewish
    2. I identify as a female
    3. I am liberal
    4. I eat meat
    5. I prefer boxers
    6. Die Hard IS a Christmas movie
    7. Han Solo shot first.
    8. I LOVE pineapple on pizza
    9. etc…

    Actually. Just best not to talk to people like her anyway. Saves effort.

  8. Well said – and myself, I wish my Jewish friends a happy and joyous Hannukah, and depending on the particular day, a shabbat shalom; they typically wish me merry Christmas. None of us – at least in my circles – need to feel “offended” or ‘victimized” by the heartfelt good wishes of one another.

  9. “Merry Christmas” from 99.9999999% of the population that says it means either ‘happy end of year holiday that holds a little religious significance to me but is mostly about family, friendship, and festive meals’ or ‘thank you for shopping with us but please leave so I can go the f—k home.’

    The 0.0000000001% of the population that that says it to mean ‘convert or die heathen bastards!’ tends not to leave their tar-paper shack in the Rocky Mountains because they’ve been snowed in.

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