When we – as women, as students, as peers, as friends, as upperclassmen – are asked how to prevent sexual assault, the first response should be an extremely important caveat: that no matter what you do or don’t do, no matter what you are wearing or where you are walking, how much you have to drink or what time it is, sexual assault is never your fault as a victim. It is essential to get across that there is never a possible circumstance where a victim contributes to an assault. Furthermore, it is essential for all of us to understand that although victims can do certain things to try and protect themselves, those “safety tips” have not stopped sexual assault thus far and will not stop sexual assault in the future because it is not victims who have the ability to stop sexual assault, but perpetrators. I believe that it is education and legislation that will eventually provide the change in our societal consciousness of consent and sexual assault that we so desperately need

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I swear I thought I was going to get a nose bleed reading this article. And warning, this author one of the few that actually thinks it might be a good idea for women to have some sort of device to attempt to stop a rapist, so that tell you pretty much what kind of perverse mindset is flowing out there.

I cannot wrap my head around the concept that preparing to defend oneself is somehow empowering the bad behavior of the criminals so we should remain in a state of knowingly victimhood as a way to stop the bad behavior. That would be like curing diabetes by eating a daily pound of of M&Ms and dispensing of the insulin as a way to eradicate the disease from the face of the earth.

And we are in the 21st Century, what the hell happened to the Feminist movement? I thought that the original concept was to empower women to be equal to a man when the challenge came. But now what we have is a culture of purposely weaklings that make June Cleaver look like an MMA fighter packing a recoilless rifle.

Dear “Modern” women, I have bad news for you: Feminism worked (at least in its original intent.) Men no longer find a weak ass submissive whinny  representation of a female attractive and for what is worth, I don’t think lesbians find them attractive either. We want a woman who will cover our backs, not ride on them.  We want a woman who when the Shit Hits The Fan will say “Hon, you carry the kids, I’ll cover” and know she will mow down whomever is threatening her family because we married Mama Grizzly Bear and not dumb-fuck panda bear.  We want a woman who will cry her eyes out with Steel Magnolias and Blackhawk Down (BTW Guys, bad news: we are supposed to do the same.) A woman who will pamper us for three days while we are sick and kick us out of bed at the fourth. A woman who will make us proud as hell with her triumphs at work because she fought for it hard and beat all comers.

Feminists in the 1960s demanded to be treated as partners and guess what? Men in this century are demanding a partner!  But the new crop of Feminist are determined to create a bunch of mental chihuahuas that pee on themselves at an original thought and the idea of fending off for themselves.

What the f*** happened?


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

20 thoughts on “Dear Victimologists: Shut the f*** up!”
  1. I live for the day that in the midst of a fire fight against Commie Commandoes, I can yell to the girlfriend, who carries a Commander sized Government Model, that I need a spare mag. And she toss me one for my -1991A1. Relationship goals right there.

      1. Now that’s funny right there. If it’s anything like my house the guy’s probably thinking

        “Why am I shooting this little polymer wonder nine when Whitney is shooting my AR-15. MY Ar-15. MINE.”

        1. If it’s anything like MY house, the gentleman won’t even get a shot. The lady will have ventilated the target at 300+ yards with a scoped .308 (she LOVES that gun!).

  2. You warned us, but I had to go there. Right away, I saw the statement that many young women worry about sexual assault, “as maybe they should”. MAYBE? OK, I’m OK now, no nosebleed, I stopped in time. Yes, Ariana, maybe young women should occasionally think about the real world. Young men, too, maybe.

    1. I’m a male of average height and athletic build, and I carry a knife for utility and “just in case.”

      It would be moronic for an individual who is physically smaller and weaker to not take at least the same precautions.

  3. I still consider myself to be that kind of old-school feminist. Being armed and trained might not be enough to stop an attack, but it sure as heck gives me a fighting chance that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.
    I agree that such an attack is not the fault of the one being attacked. But if some of us are more prepared, it doesn’t mean that somehow those who weren’t were asking for it. Making all women as defenseless as possible by disarming us does not make us all safer. Not at all.

    1. ^^ This ^^

      I’m the sole bread-winner in our household; my wife stays home. It’s not an anti-feminism thing – though there is a bit of that, at least for modern neo-feminazis – but a decision we came to, together. Old-school feminism was about choice and being equal partners. She is my partner, and we have each assumed different roles within the partnership.

      That said, “housewife” or not, do not F*** with her or our children. She will rip you apart with the ferocity of a cornered cat on crack.

      Which makes me love her all the more. 🙂

  4. Dear sweet bouncing Baby Jeebus! Where’s the headbabg emoticom when I need it?

    [quote]….unfortunately send the message that victims are responsible for that protection and that if they do not take protective action then they are subsequently responsible….[/quote]

    And yet I’ll bet she buckles her seatbelt every time she gets in the car, and gets a flu shot, and knows not to post her bank account or social security number on her facebook page. I’ll even bet she never misses a day swallowing her free birth control pill.

    I stopped about there not because my blood pressure would spike and wind up having a stroke (even if that would be me being responsible for taking protective action) but because I don’t want the neighbors banging on the wall and telling me to stop yelling or they will call the folks with the butterfly nets.

    stay safe.

  5. This is the same mindset that demonizes preppers. That, and the belief that preparing for something means you’d like it to happen, or you’re making it happen.

  6. “What the f*** happened?”

    If you knew the answer to that you would understand the reaction to the women only shooting class in California.

    These are the people who made opposing it the right thing to do, no matter how right it might seem on it’s face. The battlefield has changed, so must the tatctics.

  7. Rapists are sick in the head. Rapists don’t rape because her skirt was too short or he listened to Blurred Lines too many times. There is no sensitivity training that will stop a rapist. Someone who is psychologically capable of beating a woman bloody before violently assaulting her sexually is not “confused” or “getting mixed signals,” he is a psycho. These women need to understand that.

    Just the other day in Chicago two men were attacked by 5 people WITH A MACHETE because they didn’t flash gang signs. This is not normal human behavior. This is not “mixed signals’ or “too much rap music.” This is result of a psycho using gang membership as motivation for violence.

    There are horrible people out there. Yes, a woman should be able to walk down the street in a short skirt without being raped. I should be able to walk down the street with $100 bills hanging out of my pockets without being mugged. Most people wont rape her or rob me because they are normal humans. But some small minority will attack the two of us because they are just f-ed in the head and hard wired bad. The only thing that stops them is fast moving lead.

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