If you thought that the unpersoning of The Vagina Monologues for not being sensitive to trans-women was the stupidest bit of feminist news you would read today, you forgot just how bad 2018 really is.

Men are now afraid to give women CPR in case they’re accused of sexual assault

Women who fall over with a heart attack may be left unaided – as men are too afraid to give CPR in case they are accused of sexual assault.

Researchers from the University of Colorado surveyed people on their attitudes in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Interviewees said (among other things) that they feared being accused of inappropriate touching or sexual assault, the researchers found.

Men were twice as likely to cite this fear as a reason for not administering CPR, the researchers found.

Congratulations feminists.  You started with chastising us for holding the door open for you and now men will stand around and watch you drop dead because we are afraid that after we save your lives, you will accuse us of sexual assault.

That’s significant progress.

I don’t doubt this study at all.

We at work had to go through CPR and AED training.

Here is a diagram for proper pad placement for men and women.  We were reminded that the AED pads had to be put directly on the skin for them to work.

Yes, that means that to properly apply an AED a woman’s shirt has to be opened – potentially cut open – and perhaps undergarments removed, i.e. a camisole.

The men were VERY uncomfortable with that idea.  Questions were raised.  If a female employee has a heart attack, should we wait for another female employee to respond?  If a male employee has to remove a female employee’s shirt to apply an AED, does he have protection from HR?

This isn’t academic, we have a female administrative assistant at work with a known heart condition, she wears a medical alert bracelet and everything.

HR had to come down and answer these questions because our AED trainer was not prepared for those kinds of questions.

So when you have an office full of intelligent, educated men more worried about getting fired for exposing a coworker’s brassire than stopping her from flatlining, feminism might have jumped the shark.




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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Death by Feminism”
  1. Interesting. I don’t remember this concern coming up in CPR class when I took it (3-4 years ago) or the refresher (1 year ago). That too was at work. And we did see the scissors in the CPR kit for cutting through clothing (I know a bra was mentioned in that).
    The “good samaritan” laws should protect against lawsuits, but you’re right, HR repercussions are an entirely different question.
    When HR came down to answer the questions, what were the answers? Did they give them in writing?

    1. Good Samaritan lawsmight keep you from getting sued, but I don’t think they’ll keep you from a date in court if the bitch in question decides you’ve assaulted her.

  2. “So when you have an office full of intelligent, educated men more worried about getting fired for exposing a coworker’s brassire than stopping her from flatlining, feminism might have jumped the shark.”

    Sad, ain’t it?

    I’m guessing if a man performs the Heimlich maneuver on a woman to save her life and turns out she’s one of these feminazis, he’s toast? What a crock.

  3. Let’s return to those thrilling days of yesteryear when male doctors (there were very few female doctors) couldn’t listen to a woman’s heart for fear of touching her female attributes.

  4. Had a friend that was training up to do Rolphing as a retirement job, and dropped out halfway through the training for exactly this reason. He cannot afford to have a client claim he touched her (or him) in an uncomfortable place.

    Another point. In today’s society where a person is considered “qualified” for a position simply because they self identify as something, or they are openly homosexual, what makes you think having a woman administer the AED to another woman would not result in inappropriate touching? What if the EMS is a lesbian? What if your co-worker self identifies as female, but still wants to feel women up?

    There is no winning here, and it is the inevitable outcome of identity politics and political correctness.

  5. Did the female workers, especially the one with the heart condition, freak out that the men were planning to leave them to die? Did she beg the men that no, really, she wanted to be rescued, and she would file this in writing with HR or whatever it takes for the men to feel legally protected?

  6. Way to go. Sad you have to carefully consider EVERYTHING you say outside the walls of your home. “You look nice today” can get you thrown in jail. These “women” will get what they deserve- zero men will talk to them, get in an elevator with them, LOOK at them. They can die old and alone.

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