Defacing a perfectly good tumbler

My wife was given a 30 ounce yeti tumble which is almost as big as her.  But since she already has the 20 Oz from Walmart’s Ozark Trail (Pretty much the same thing at 1/3 the cost) she gave it to me.

But I had not forgotten what Yeti pulled and rather than using as target practice, I went ahead and defaced it.

I managed to finally use another NRA sticker from the stack I have collected over the years.  I may add one or two more, just to be tacky.

2 Replies to “Defacing a perfectly good tumbler”

  1. I don’t like Yeti’s politics and would never buy a product of theirs with my own money, but the Yeti thermos a family member bought me for Christmas is a damn good product….so I did the same thing.

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