Clickbait to an extreme:
New assault rifle being sold to civilians is twice as powerful as the AR-15 and capable of shooting through bulletproof vests, report says

One of the wonderful things about being a geek is that I understand some of the hidden messages in URLs and such. For example, if I see an URL that ends in “image-300×144.png” I am pretty sure there is also “image.png” at the same location that is likely high resolution.

When reading articles on my phone, URLs aren’t shown to me so I just get the clickbait and look further looking for fodder for the blog.

When I read this headline my first thought was “Oh boy, some journalist figured out that there is an AR-10”.

Now I use to think that no mass murder would spend thousands of dollars on a gun they were only going to use once. Why not go with a $600 AR-15 from PSA or S&W. Then the Uvalde shoot proved me wrong buy purchasing $4000 worth of guns and ammo. Even that pales in comparison to a list prices of $7,999 for the Sig Sauer MCX-SPEAR. Not counting the ammo and the tax stamp for the can on the front.

Yep, these people are afraid of the gun owners that are willing to fork over $8k plus more for the ammo just to have the latest and greatest semi-auto only version of the next gen gun for our military.

Worse, while the link above is to Business Insider, they are pulling from The Daily Beast.

Remember, everything is an assault weapon to these people, and you shouldn’t own any firearm, second Amendment be damned.

Updated: If you check the URL for this post you will see that I misspeeled(grin) “opinions” as “options”

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By awa

6 thoughts on “Demented Opinions From Gun Rights Infringers”
  1. Should we mention the 800,000 of us that own 1 or more MACHINE GUNS?? In other words, REAL assult weapons…meanwhile we continue to set NICS records.. and remember, these shiiteheads have to write “something “.. and the more scary they can make it sound the better.. We all know ignorance is bliss and we need to stay on top of these idiots. Occasionally its nice to ignore this shiite and live life giggling and slackjawed….

  2. Oh and until they develop some type of “ironman” costume, “bulletproof vests” only cover a tiny portion of the body. To me they are like motorcycle helmets- it gives you a false sense of security til shiite happens…..

    1. Just a personal observation on motorcycle helmets. I use to ride about 30K miles per year. I was doing around 55-60 through DC on a drizzly day. I came around the corner and there was a road crew stopped in my lane. I tried an emergency stop and the front wheel locked up and I went down.

      Cause of the lock up was the bike I was riding that day, one of three, had linked front and rear brakes. Press the rear brake pedal and both front and rear brakes are engaged. Add panic stopping on the front brake lever and too much braking to the front. My error. My fix was to get rid of that bike. It was too different from my other bikes.

      The bike went down and I rolled and skid down the road for a good 100ft slowing from that original speed to full stop. I know my head hit the pavement and scraped along it for at least part of that slide.

      I was lucky. The total damage was a broken zipper on my cordora riding pants, nasty scraps on the cordora jacket I was wearing, scraps on my helmet. I tossed the helmet because they are only good for one crash.

      A helmet is not going to save you from a head injury if you hit head first into something at speed. What it did do was protect my skull that day. I didn’t leave a part of my scalp on the pavement.

      1. They have thier uses and are good for some crashes.. I have seen some who don a helmet and become “10 feet tall and bulletproof “… a good drop and slide usually cured em. I gave up riding in 2016, only did 400 miles the WHOLE season. Moved on to doing more with firearms. Never looked back

  3. “Twice as powerful as an AR-15” — sounds like a reasonable description of an ordinary deer rifle.
    Repeat after me: an AR-15 is not “high powered”. It’s a modest power light weight rifle. In particular, it’s too underpowered to be suitable for deer hunting.

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