Over the weekend, Hamas in Gaza launched over 700 rockets into IsraelFour Israelis were killed and four more were injured.

It is important to understand that in 2005, Israel under Prime Minster Ariel Sharon, engaged in the unilateral withdraw of all troops and settlements in Gaza.  This was known as disengagement.

The Palestinians responded by electing Hamas to leadership in Gaza and burning or desecrating everything Jewish or Israeli left behind.

Palestinians in Gaza like to claim they are still under military occupation, because it gives them victim status, but that is untrue.  What is true is that Israel and Egypt are engaged in a continuous blockade of Gaza’s points of entry to try and eliminate the flow of weapons into the hands of Hamas.

So as the world watched terrorists in Gaza target Israeli civilians, how did popular American Democrats and their supporters respond?

About the same as they did to Maduro’s troops killing starving civilians, i.e., by supporting the tyrants and terrorists.

Here is media and resistance darling Ilhan Omar.

Except, like I said before, Gaza isn’t occupied.

Also, Hamas brutally oppresses its own people who dare to protest the fact the PA spends all its effort on attacking Israel instead of fixing the economic problems in Gaza.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is the fault of Hamas and the PA, who squander or steal all the available resources from the Gaza people.

But given Omar’s history, why would we expect anything less than her standing up for brutal, repressive, tyrannical Islamic radicals.

Then there is her cohort, Rashida Tlaib.

Again, it’s Israel’s fault for targeting terrorists launching rockets at civilians.

It seems that Tlaib is less interested in representing the Palestinian people as she is representing the Palestinian Authority and the oppressive and corrupt government of Gaza.

And just because I mentioned them earlier, Code Pink, showing its true despot loving, Jew hating colors.

I don’t know what celebrating the mass murder of Jews has to do with Venezuela, except wherever there is Leftism and Socialism there is Antisemitism.

Welcome to the woke Democrat Party, Americans who support tyrants, dictators, terrorists, and the mass murder of Jews.



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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Democrat Antisemitism of the Day, May 6th edition.”
  1. Wait until the democrats have all three branches under permanent total control and the country turns into a single party socialist totalitarian state by 2025 at the earliest. After they decide to make gun ownership punishable by execution without trial and start deploying nuclear weapons to stop the civil war they create exterminating 100 but more like 150 million United States citizens on United States soil if not 280 million because they think literally every single person that like them must be exterminated I fully expect the Democrat United States government to institute the final solution” in the United States. As well as a full military invasion and extermination of democrat United States government to institute the final solution“ in the United States the democrats will bomb Israel to the ground and make and active effort to exterminate every single Jew in the Middle East.

    Everything I said was insane. But the democrats have gotten so batshit raving insane that after reading that would you simply cannot go “oh that will never happen“.

  2. There’s a portion of Islamic theology that’s rarely talked about by Muslims and very rarely understood by non-Muslims. The closest analogy I can think of it the Catholic idea of the trinity: they base so much of the rest of their theology on it that the adherents never even think about it (fish don’t know they’re wet) and it utterly confounds outsiders.

    This principle is the way that Islam regards land ownership. To sum up a very complicated idea as simply as possible: once land is legitimately owned by a Muslim, it can never ever be legitimately owned by a non-Muslim. Ever.

    So if a Muslim conquered a piece of land in 28 February 1306 CE and lost it to reconquest in 1 March 1306 CE, that land still belongs to Islam in 2019 CE. Any claim of ownership of that land by a non-Muslim is illegal and blasphemous.

    So to people like Tlaib and Omar, Jews living in the lands that were their millennia before Mohammed was born and living their for millennia afterwards are an illegal occupation, because a Muslim owned that land for a few months four centuries ago.

    YouTuber “TL;DR” did a great video explaining this, link below.


    1. Interesting. Is there a citation from the Koran or the Hadith for that?
      This reminds me of something I commented on a few days after 9/11, in a (not published) letter to the editor of the WSJ, 9/9/2011:
      Imam Rauf’s pretentions to speak for moderation would be more credible if he did not call his organization the “Cordoba Initiative”. Cordoba, after all, stands for Islamic conquest — the capital of Islamic occupation in medieval Spain.
      By way of analogy, imagine an organization claiming to promote better understanding between the US and Japan calling itself the Pearl Harbor Initiative.
      It seems unlikely that Imam Rauf does not understand this. So what are his actual intentions, hidden behind his pretense of moderation?

      1. Ok, I listened a bit to that video. The author’s nickname is apt — “too long”.
        Anyway, he doesn’t directly cite Islamic authority, but rather indirectly goes from a paper in some Indonesian or Malaysian publication. Still very interesting.

        1. TL;DR’s whole gimmick is summarizing and explaining academic papers and/or scientific journals. You’ll find links to all of his source material in the description of the video, with the source materials offering further citations.

          TL;DR doesn’t hide the fact that what he’s doing isn’t anything other than acting as a secondary or tertiary source.

      2. The TL;DR video has links to academic papers on the subject in the description. Those papers are full of citations to primary sources.

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