Democrat Family Separation Bill and Florida.

From J. Kb.s post:

This is not a farfetched hypothetical. FBI agents are agents of DOJ (a designated agency) and Buffalo is within 100 miles of the border. So long as the daughter is either a U.S. citizen or an alien without permanent status, the FBI agents would be unable to proceed with normal law enforcement activities. The agents would be forced to choose between booking the drug trafficking murderer into jail with his daughter or not booking him into jail at all.

I like graphics as they drive the point quickly. This is the 100 mile Border Zone which the Family Separation Bill would render as No-Go zone for Federal Law Enforcement.

Notice it covers all of Florida? The Democrats will literally turn the Sunshine State into Pablo Escobar’s dream: A Smuggler’s Paradise.

Because nothing says “Progressive Politics are good” than having Drug Cartels running wild in Florida like the Zetas are doing in Mexico.

6 Replies to “Democrat Family Separation Bill and Florida.”

  1. Yea, I noticed it covers all of Florida. Also all of Michigan, Maine, Vermont, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland, and … Washington, D.C., in its entirety.

    Maybe MS-13 should be encouraged to “occupy” Congressional Democrats’ “working” homes in the District. For the children/families, of course.

    It’s what they’d want, I’m sure.

      1. Lake Michigan is a US lake, so while Chicago is less than 100 miles from that coastline, that coast isn’t a border as (arguably) Lake Superior is.
        On the other hand, Chicago is a Port of Entry, and apparently the bill says 100 miles from a border OR port of entry.

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