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7 thoughts on “Did some shooting”
  1. In my opinion, the X-5 is the best Sig produced. Trigger is exceptional. 4-4.5 lb pull or is yours lighter than that? Grouping is better than average and I know you know why it’s not…..perfect. How often do you get to shoot?

    1. Not nearly enough. The limit has been finances. The good news is that the youngest child goes to school in the fall and I’m done paying for daycare after that. I’m going to shift my budget around and try to make to one IDPA or USPSA match a month so I get more consistent practice.

      1. “The limit has been finances”, is a common refrain throughout the firearms community here in central Florida. I have friends who are fellow shooters in OH, PA, MA, NY, WV, and VT, and they all express the same situation. Nevertheless, the grouping you produced is more than enough to get the job done should the situation arise.
        The advice I give to financially constrained shooters is (not that I think you don’t already know what to do), when you do practice, put yourself in a worst-case scenario, if the shooting range will allow it, and put up two or three targets several feet apart, and find out exactly how fast you can run a gun and still keep groupings six inches or less. Switch targets every three shots and run out the mag. If it’s not up to this standard, you know what you need to do to bring your discipline up to standard. Dry firing just doesn’t work with the exception of drawing from concealment. Need to feel the rock and roll of three round bursts which remain within six inches of intended target zone on multiple targets.
        Since I do have the luxury of a private range, I swing my targets on large plant holders. Six-inch used pans from yard sales, swinging on 80 lb. braided fishing line serves to provide a challenge, especially in the wind. First staying stationary, followed by constant movement, repetitions. Five mags usually keep me sharp.

  2. At 25 yards, the front sight is large enough (MOAwise) to cover the bullseye. And, no, I did not do any calcs on that.
    Consistently placing your shots in that small of a grouping is actually quite good. I would be hard pressed to do better. No, it is not winning a competition good, but it is good for a casual shooter.

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