More and more companies are comfortable saying that they are going out of their way not to hire qualified white men.

Recently here in North Carolina, a hospital executive was fired for being a white man and replaced with two diversity hires.  Literally.  He had enough evidence to win a lawsuit.

But many don’t.

So what is the end result.  Qualified white men are denied jobs.  Others decide to drop out of the workforce or don’t even bother to become qualified in the first place.

For the Woke, this might seem like a victory.

But it will only be a temporary one.

Disenfranchising and disaffecting a large portion of the population never ends well.

It never has.

This is how revolutions and civil wars start.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Disenfranchising millions of people because of their race has never backfired ever”
  1. Promoting/hiring people because of what they are, instead of what they do, always leads to bankruptcy. Always.

    1. Isn’t that how the Surgeon General and Transportation Secretary were selected?

      Let’s go Brandon 🙂

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