An executive producer for a children’s television network openly admits to shoehorning as much queer content into children’s shows as she possibly can with little pushback from management.


I’m just going to say it: if you are a mother and you are bragging about having two queer children, you failed as a mother.

At least failed dads don’t brag their daughters are strippers.

I’d put cash money down on a bet that one of her kids came out as something non-conforming and she heaped so much praise and attention on that child, showing them off for acceptance and accolades about how “she is such a good mom for supporting her [queer] child” that the other one came out too just so mommy would love them as well.

I swear, upper middle-class clout chasing, virtue signaling  white women are the most destructive force on earth.  They will literally poison, mutilate, and murder their own children for likes of Twitter and Facebook.

This vacuous failure of a mother is pushing her sickness on other children through her position at Disney.


An accurate reflection of New York?  So a show about looting, transsexual prostitutes, vagrants pushing people in front of subway cars, and antisemitic hate crimes?

Again, management shoving all of this into children’s shows.

They are on a mission to influence and recruit children.

It’s undeniable.

As I said before, the war on child grooming and the ruining of childhood innocence under the banner of LGBT+ rights is the culture war of the era.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Disney is full of groomers”
  1. The next “Run Disney” event should be a 5k through the park and corporate offices . . . with D9s and 374s. Heavyweight division can run D11s and 6015s. Call it the “Cat chasing the Mouse 5k or something.

  2. One of the points J.Kb made was of mothers wanting the praise of their peers. “My 10yo came out as quire today! I’m so proud of how brave and beautiful they are!” “You are such a wonderful mother for supporting them.”

    My wife has the same issue, thankfully not in the gender areas. She is so worried about being seen as a “bad mother” that she won’t let the children fail at anything. Son is suppose to sell tickets to the boy scout spaghetti dinner and he hasn’t sold a single ticket? No problem, mom will buy 10 of them and give them away to her friends.

    Daughter wants to take the day off from chorus, not acceptable, mom would look bad. Mom volunteers in all the children’s activities so that people see that she’s a good mom.

    It is so easy for some people to get wrapped up in “how does this make me look?” rather than “is this the right thing for my child?”

  3. That “Disney corporate president Karey Burke” with TWO queer children – 100% of her children that she spoke about – is an incredibly improbable thing. If the older percentages are true (and 62% aren’t LGBTQWERTY, like the Austin school story yesterday), each kid being that way is less than 1% probability, like 0.3%, so the chances are over 99% that the situation isn’t what she’s saying. Which strongly implies those kids have been groomed into those beliefs.

    1. Or, at least as plausible, she’s simply lying to sound impressive to a group of left wing extremists.

  4. i cannot describe the violence i would inflict upon someone trying to groom my offspring.

    I thank God my son completed public edu unscathed.

  5. The city of Glendale CA (adjacent to Mauschwitz in Burbank CA) is projected to be completely powered by a dynamo connected to Walt’s spinning coffin.

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