Dallas Justice Now is a radical Black activist group.

This is how they describe themselves in their about page:


We are ambitious that by tackling the root causes of institutionalized racism in our city we can remedy the injustices we see on a day to day basis like police brutality and access to quality education. Every black man and woman deserve to live their lives without fear of murder by cop and with the education which equips us for a real future.

They want the typical radical Leftist things like defunding the police.

Now they have created a pledge that they want White people to sign asking them to not send their children to good colleges.:

As a white person with privilege both from my whiteness and my neighborhood I recognize the need to make sacrifices for the purpose of correcting hundreds of years of murder, slavery, discrimination, and lack of educational and economic opportunities perpetrated upon people of color. I understand that access to top schools is a key component in economic and social advancement. Therefore, I commit that my children will not apply to or attend any Ivy League School or US News & World Report Top 50 School so that position at that school is available for people of color to help correct historical wrongs. If I do not have children under 18 then I will commit to encouraging my white privileged friends, neighbors, and family members with children to sign the pledge and holding them accountable until they do so.

They actually put this in a letter and sent it to people.

I come from a culture (both Jewish and upper middle-class) where you do everything you can to give your kids the best educational opportunity to succeed.

My parents spent a lot of money on me to go to a college prep a high school and have SAR tutors.

I sent my kids to the best (and often most expensive) daycare and  pre-K in the area.  I’ve bought resources to have my eldest practice the gifted and talented entry test to get him into our local school’s G&T program (all the private schools in our area are evangelical).  I will do the same for our daughter.

We buy math books and educational programs for him to do during summer so he doesn’t fall behind.

We read to our kids at night.  We taught them to read early.  We don’t park them in front of video games.  My wife loads them up with library books.

I know lots and lots of people like me.

That is how we get ahead.  It’s not inherited wealth, it’s parents who put effort into educating out children.

I could have bought a lot of nice guns or a new truck every other year for what I paid for my children’s pre-K.  I sacrificed for my kids.

Now these activists want people like me to hamstring my kids over White guilt?

Are they fucking kidding me?


Fuck that.

And if they think they can extort us into this (because you know this will go national) they are mistaken.

You want to turn a bunch of upper middle-class parents from moderates to night riders setting fires and beating people, all you have to do is take away the educational opportunities for their children.

After tens of thousands of dollars spent on tutoring and college prep and giving our children every leg up possible for success, committing murder for our kids is well within our capabilities.

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By J. Kb

21 thoughts on “Do black activists want middle-class white people to start going on night rides?”
  1. Oh but you are “privileged “ just by who you are. Never mind that you work your ass off. Never mind your parents did too. This is a feeble attempt at another victim status game. Another buncha idiots parroting what they have been taught…Seems to me this is the land of opportunity…. So get off your ass. And do something good for yourself

  2. If they want their kids to succeed maybe they should first learn to write. Or is that racist, too, like math?

  3. Another chapter in the implosion of higher education. (h/t Instapundit)

    This time, inflicted by fellow travelers.

    Next, trades apprenticeships will be wayciss.

  4. The implication here is that skin color has some kind of socioeconomic value. That there is only so much “education” to go around, and white people are hogging it up because “skin color”

    Of course, when you tell the “people of color” that if they want to attend an ivy league school, all they have to do is study hard, work hard, and earn it, you are considered part of the “root cause” of the problem.

    Curiously, when a black does work hard, study, and earn entrance to a top level college, they too are accused of being part of the problem.

    The problem really is, blacks just want to get freebies because decades and centuries they were discriminated against, or enslaved.

    1. Hard work gets you there, not luck. Sometimes it’s the hard work of your parents (see Chelsea Clinton, Jayden Smith, etc.) but work nevertheless.

      When blacks DO work hard, they are called names. Some of the black men that I know who did make it were called names like Uncle Tom or Oreo (black on the outside, white on the inside). One black man that I used to work with was an Air Force veteran. He got a job with the fire department and earned a 4 year degree. After that, he went out and got a pilot’s license, then learned to fly helicopters. Last I heard, he had moved to Massachusetts to fly helicopters for a local TV station. The only racist thing that I heard anyone say to him did not come from a white man, it came from other black men. They called him “Carlton” after a character on a TV show who was constantly lampooning white people. There is even a dance named after that character.

    2. That there is only so much “education” to go around, and white people are hogging it up because “skin color”

      Didn’t you know? When you learn something, someone else forgets it. It’s usually removed from the oldest person who knows it, and people think it’s just age.

    3. “That there is only so much “education” to go around, and white people are hogging it up because “skin color””

      Except “they” weren’t. Their ancestors, sure — including some of the oldest in their families. But them, themselves? No.

  5. “Do black activists want middle-class white people to start going on night rides?”

    Yes. Some of them very much want that. Nothing would give them more power, after. And it’s not like they, themselves, would be in any danger. It would be other black people.

  6. “””” with the education which equips us for a real future.””””

    What a load of shit!!!
    They have access, the little gobblins dont want it.
    Go talk to them!! Go visit a inner city school, especially High School.
    The rabid wild males, there dumber than a box of rocks and Proud of it !! And some of the girls aint far behind.
    Go ahead, go visit a inner city school.

    They mock those of there color trying to get ahead, etc….they try and drag them back down.

    That comment pissed me off!!!

  7. According to Leftist dogma, if you fall off that edge into extremism, you were clearly always a racist anyways.

  8. Root Causes?

    Single parent homes
    Failed Public Education
    Out of Wedlock Births
    Multi-generational Welfare or “Dole.”
    Academic Success is not our cultural heritage.
    Multi-generational Failures and no good role models.
    Criminal behavior is the family behavior.

    These are not just “black” or “minority” problem behaviors, they are problems that sections or parts of all races have. Some races just have larger problems than others.

    Solve these problems for you and your race, and it will be a success.

  9. I do not know enough of the right words to describe just how fucking ignorant this is; the racism in it is obvious.

    I was blessed – my old man paid my tuition for college, both degrees. Tuition – not books, not food, not lab fees, not living cost, absolutely nothing but the tuition expense. His logic was if I had a lot of skin in the game I wouldn’t waste his money. He also told me if I fell below a 2.5 GPA in any course he would not pay the next semester’s tuition. I spun wrenches on bikes to eat and studied my tired, aching ass off. Never fell below a 3.2 in anything. (came damn close in materials science, but studying was more important than sleep that semester and pulled it out).

    You want something, you work for it. However much work it takes to achieve it. Ask for help when you need it, but it’s still you responsible for the work.

    You want a free ride? You deserve everything you get “free.” Now, fuck off and get out of my way, I have shit to do.

  10. with the education which equips us for a real future

    It’s been at least 40 years — two generations — since white people had control of inner-city education. Take some responsibility for who you put in charge and for how people behave in school and during their school years.

  11. Nobody paid my way thru college. I worked nights, went to college in the daytime. Supported my wife and kid simultaneously. Got a 3.1 GPA, a good job, and a career. Now recently retired. My job even paid for my graduate degree.

  12. This is bs envy, nothing more. And the crab bushel syndrome. These crabs want to pull everyone else’s kid back in the basket with them.

    Asians and us honkies do have a natural advantage. It’s an IQ 10-20 points above our basic brown types. Match that with two parents that care and it’s overwhelming.

    The high school I graduated from turned into a mega magnet school. Thomas Jefferson HS in Northern VA. There was some bother there not to long ago because tptb were vexed that there were mostly Asian and White kids there.

    They wanted to add a lottery system to get some diversity on. There’s an entrance exam to get in, they only take the top, so competition is fierce.

    At the meeting the Asian mamas were having none of this. Sons of the best interactions I’ve seen.

    “You kid study harder, maybe he get in”

    “As long as you [are scheming to get in] you’ll never catch us. (I don’t remember the exact quote, only that it was an Asian lady saying it while pointing her finger at a formidable black woman.

    Sad fact of the matter is those slots freed up by whities letting them cut in line would be wasted. It’s been proven repeatedly. I read one sad story about a black girl that wanted to be a doctor who was allowed through that special door created for blacks. She was immediately under water as all her classmates had years of AP science and she had one biology class – the only science class she took in Hi school. She of course switched to angry studies.

    If you have the work ethic and IQ there’s no barriers. And for blacks the skids are already greased.

  13. Shove it up you As_.
    No race (black) has been given more privilidge then them…Free everything…
    Grow up there are many black hero’s who have made something of themselvels BUT OH I forgot…you call them Uncle Tom’s.
    Wake up you fools the Democratic Party (the party of salvery) has lied to you and used you and kept you down

  14. Henry Ford: “Everybody wants success, except it wears dungarees and looks like work”

    Worked full time, midnights, while in RN school. Worked weekends, and semester breaks while full time in MidLevel school. Indeed, put around a thousand dollars a month into the household budget, while in mid level school.

    Somebody tell me about my “privilege”.

  15. Then again, planning not to attend an Ivy League school sounds like a good plan if you like education. Given their recent track record, “education” isn’t what the Ivy League offers now.

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