I saw this while preparing for my previous post:

Once again, here is the news report on the city that got rid of To Kill a Mockingbird:

Does the woman in the mask blathering on about white woman not having the “cultural lens” to write about black “lived experiences” sound like a Right-wing, conservative, Trump voter?

It was their side who ejected To Kill a Mockingbird from the curriculum, but understand that the normies are unhappy about it, and so have to lay that at our feet.

“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.“

By the end of the week the narrative will be Republicans got To Kill a Mockingbird banned as part of their anti-CRT push.


You have the video evidence.

Use your platforms to promote the truth to the normies.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Do not let them retcon or gaslight you”
  1. Another example of the General Rule of Liberal Political Philosophy (GROLPP – pronounced like a beer burp): If you disagree with them, about anything, at any level, in whole or in part, you’re wrong. Details, facts, history … none of that matters, you’re in the wrong if you disagree.

  2. and what’s been flooding the news instead? A ‘conservative/republican/racist school board removing ‘Maus’ from 8th grade curriculum, not because of language and nudity (as was discussed in the board meeting) but because they hate jews and want to deny the holocaust.

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