Do you ever get that feeling…

That Democrats generally hate the vast majority of the American people and believe deep down in their hearts that that are our intellectual, moral, and spiritual superiors and that they just feign interest in our values and mouth platitudes at us to try and get us to vote for them because their “rightful place” is above us?

When I see this, I sure do.

I really believe that so much of the histrionics going on in the streets in little more than the Left not being able to come to terms with a large portion of the US realizing they (the Democrats) aren’t our betters and us telling them to piss right off.

5 Replies to “Do you ever get that feeling…”

  1. our local media was defending her; saying that it was taken out of context. However they then play the whole clip and it’s extremely partisan anyway.

    My state always vote for the bigger moron for the Senate. So unless McSallys poll numbers rise I expect Kristen to win. But then again she be taking over Flake seat so not much of a change anyway.

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