Lt. Dan Band Movie Trailer: For the Common Good

By pure accident, I had the chance to watch it last nite in the Documentary Channel. I’ve been following Gary Sinise in Twitter for a long while now and instead of the insipid Hollywood Star blabber we get from other idiots, his is all about his work and his band helping the troops with a bit of music and raising the morale.

I was surprised that he is really a bass player and a decent one. His band is just a band with good musicians that know they are not there (as in any where the service people are) to stroke their egos but to give a good show. All of them are humble and point out that the real heroes wear the uniform and get in harm’s way but the band’s dedication to bring happiness to the troop year after year is an amazing feat.

Please watch it and have enough kleenex ready as you will suddenly develop allergies throughout the movie. The part where they host a party in Disneyland for 1,500 sons and daughter that lost their parents in action will simply floor you.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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4 thoughts on “Documentary Review: Lt. Dan Band, For the Common Good”
  1. Okay, now I’m gonna have to go find that Documentary. Already respect the man for all that he’s done for the troops (story goes that he bankrolled a struggling non-profit that was trying to help troops, from his own personal checkbook, and refused to have his name attached to it in order to keep the spotlight from switching it to “Gary Sinise’s charity”…seen it verified on Snopes, but can’t find the article now). Hollywood could learn a LOT from this man!

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