Shit You Not. Click on the link here and go to 0:50.

This much stupid is amazing for any politician, but for somebody who was the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services during the Clinton administration for eight years this is colossal or she is simply lying out of her ass to scare seniors in Florida.

Stupid or Liar: take your pick.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “Donna Shalala thinks that buying insurance across states means getting in a plane or driving to Georgia.”
  1. Heck, even before the internet, there were these things called a “telephone” and “mail order.” She also assumes the “cheapie plan” wouldn’t have the coverage the person actually wants and that no doctor will take it. Lots of stupid assumptions here.

  2. She says that the Insurance commissioner in Georgia has no incentive to order the Doctor to accept the “cheapie plan” while ignoring that the Insurance Commissioner of Florida has no power to force a doctor to take any plan. She also ignores the free market. If enough people buy that “cheapie plan” then the doctor in Miami has a financial incentive to take that insurance.

  3. In the days before Obama care I worked for a number of companies that had their insurance through a carrier in a state different than the one I was working in, no problems getting doctors to accept the insurance. I don’t see that it should be that difficult now. It is amazing that “pro-choice” liberals are against choice for us peons on any issue except abortion.

    1. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield through work. The actual company is BCBS of Florida. However, BCBS is a nationwide company with subsidiaries in each state, and doctors all over the country accept it.

  4. She’s a liar, but she’s not ‘stupid’ as in unintelligent.

    She and her ilk believe we (the unwashed masses to them) are the stupid ones and that we will believe that crap lie flowing out of her mouth.

    The internet and instant digital video has thrown a monkey wrench in their usual scam of sliding a lie or two in when they speak on any subject. Before this, they could do that and it was almost impossible to have your own copy of the video, and parse it to show that they are corrupt liars.

  5. Kinda reminds ya of the senator worried that island in the pacific would tip over and sink if too many people were on it. Also libs will never stop the mantras, lie repeat lie repeat lie even tho America is on to it. Look at how frightened they are over Kanye West. Remember, if they hate it its good for America.

  6. To say she’s doing it to scare seniors is to say we’re too stupid to know it’s blatant BS.

    I’m sure there must be some, though. Wanna take bets they’re registered D?.

  7. Oh, and if you didn’t know the demoncraps are power hungry monsters, this campaign should educate you.
    Shalala is 77. Ros-Lehtinen is retiring from the House at age 66.

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