Don’t Be Civil

Judd Legum, editor and founder of Thinkprogress, gives us a list.

If they are putting babies in cages, don’t be civil.
Do not mention that the babies were caged under Obama.

If they are banning religious minorities, don’t be civil.
No minority has been banned, but makes good ruckus.

If they are purging the voter rolls, don’t be civil.
The Democrats cannot win without those Dead Voters.

If they selling out the poor and paying off the rich, don’t be civil.
I am rich, but I am not the rich you need to go after. I’ll tell you who.

Don’t be civil. Be determined.
Wear a pussy hat and scream a lot at Republicans in restaurants. Burn animals.

I think that covers it.

2 Replies to “Don’t Be Civil”

  1. I think this soyboy progtard & his ilk aint going to like how ugly things can/will get when the silent majority that they have insulted and threatened for years start considering “don’t be civil.”

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