As of 8 am, sumbitch has not turned North as “predicted” Since 11 pm last night, it has moved only 2/10 of a degree North and 1.5 West.
Not happy.

And now we are in the Tropical Watch zone which we weren’t last night.

If I don’t see a serious improvement on the hurricane’s movement north at the 11 A< advisory, the next post will be of pictures the house with the hurricane shutters up.

PS: Besides the NWS Tropical page, I have been checking Mike’s Weather Page,  a Fellow floridian who likes weather stuff. Ignore the design of the site because it makes up 1,000 times for all the useful stuff he has in it.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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8 thoughts on “Dorian: Tripwire to be the 11 am advidsory.”
  1. We decided we’re going to put our shutters up. Since this “august 32nd”, I’ll wait until the sun doesn’t actually set you on fire if you stand in direct sunlight.

    According to that last graphic, we’re getting Cat 1 hurricane winds and as they bang into your head NON STOP if you watch any news coverage, if the centerline moves a little west, we get higher winds.

    I just doubt that the 11AM advisory will be all that different.

  2. I got somebody coming over to help me put up our shutters this PM. We have it down to a science so I don’t foresee but 45 minutes of labor tops.

    And I would be planning for Cat Two winds.

  3. The direction is the same, but the NHC has been crowing:

    Reconnaissance plane and satellite fixes indicate that Dorian, as
    anticipated, has slowed down and is moving toward the west or 270
    degrees at 6 kt.

    Time will tell.

  4. “Ignore the design of the site…”

    I’m trying, but that is one very busy and semi-confusing website.

      1. Hey now!

        I’m not one of those D&D nerds!

        (Only because I didn’t have anyone near me who wanted to play those types of games. 😀 )

        But those games do have rules that for the most part make sense.

  5. Question from a Midwestern boy, With the Hurricane slowing, does it make it more likely it will move in a different or unexpected direction?

    I do feel sorry for anyone underneath it as it grinds away over the same spot for hours.

    1. Depends over what he is spinning. In open waters it will move according to the pressure zones. Over land the topography will influence.
      And you whish for a fast bastard… the band aid principle also works here.

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