Just yesterday I posted about some Imams in Davis, California, who expressed desire for the Muslim annihilation of the Jews from the pulpit of Islamic Center of Davis.

That same day, I caught this news article: US Professor: ‘How come we don’t have intifada in this country?’

Dr. Hatem Bazian is a professor at the University of California at Berkeley.

He is also a founder of Students for Justice in Palestine.  SJP is THE leading antisemitic group operating on American college campuses.  SJP is also linked to anti Israel terrorist groups.

Yep, here is a professor in the same area of California calling for an Intifada.  An Intifada, as in a violent uprising.  The First Intifada was marked by a series of bombing in Israel.  The most recent was the Knife Intifada and was a series of stabbings and car attacks.  That tactic has come to Europe and I warned that it would come to the US.

Well, here we see an Islamic leader in the US trying to incite an Intifada in the US.

I keep hearing from the media how Trump’s travel ban is going to incite violence by ISIS, and not a God damned word about the founder of one of the largest and most influential Pro-Islam groups in the US issued a Fatwa to rise up and kill Jews in the US.

Since I have come to believe that the war on the Jews in the Middle East is going to make it here to the US with the help of antisemitic progressives, all I ask is for potential Jew stabbers to wait until my new boom-stick arrives.

I have a Remington Tac14 on order and I’d really like to try it out.

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By J. Kb

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  1. Have the Mossberg Shockwave, it’s wicked fun to shoot and makes an excellent vehicle gun.

  2. “Radicalized Muslims want to kill you. Moderate Muslims want radicalized Muslims to kill you.”

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