Oh shit.

Everything that Fauci has said to us so far has been a lie.

First we were told not to wear masks, because he didn’t want us hording them away from medical staff that needed them.

Then he told us that a old piece of bedsheet over our faces would stop the virus.

Now he says that you have to wear a mask even though you’ve been vaccinated, and you are about as likely to get COIVD after vaccination and spread the virus as you are to get his by lightning.

This man argued with Senator Jim Jordan that liberty is irrelevant as long as there is some infinitesimally small chance of dying from a virus.

This is the same Dr. Fauci that praised Governor Cuomo for doing a good job and warned that Texas and Florida were making mistakes .

Everything Fauci has said or done about COVID from the beginning was a lie and was wrong.

Americans are getting COVID fatigue but the Fauci fanbios don’t want him to go away.

And why not choose him?  He’s popular with the Left.  They love him.  Haiving opinions contrary to Fauci’s will get you banned from Twitter and Facebook.

So now he’s going to opine on guns.  Guns are going to be his next health crisis that requires the dihonest inpetitue of Dr. Fauci to bumblefuck while our freedoms evaporaite.



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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Dr. Fauci is never going away. With America suffering from COVID fatigue, Fauci is going to be brought in on guns.”
  1. Hmmmm

    Dr Falsely opines on guns

    Better that he opine on mental health and acknowledge his role in damning the metal health of America over the past 15 months or so.

    As I see it, that lying lil FUQUAD has been the genesis of some substantial mental and emotional instability.

    Perhaps he should be arrested and charged as an accessory.

  2. The CDC has been after our guns for decades. Nothing new here. Those people view gun ownership as an epidemic — in other words, they think of us like bacteria, to be subjected to a suitable antibiotic.

  3. In honor of his courageous service, I vote we have SpaceX name him as pilot in command of the next Starship test launch.

    He can ride that bitch in like Major King Kong.

  4. Oh, this will be entertaining. Just think, this will give the communist Chicago teachers another reason to continue sitting home and getting paid instead of going back to work. “But we can’t! It’s not safe! The public health crisis of firearms still plagues Chicago!”

  5. First of all, Fauxi has a long career of being wrong. He was wrong about AIDS, SARS, H1N1, Ebola, pretty much every health crisis we have faced as a nation. Granted, some of this is monday morning QBing, but his record is abundantly clear. He should never have been put into the position he is in concerning COVID.

    Secondly, he is in charge of the department of allergens and infectious diseases. The only thing infectious about firearms a desire to shoot more often.

    Finally, you are correct. The left absolutely ADORES this man. He is giving them what they need to consolidate power. He will never go away.

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