From Alyssa Milano retweeted by David Hogg:

Here is the letter:

I want too call your attention to a couple of sentences on the second page:

allowing the distribution of the computer files at issue here is tantamount to permitting the dissemination of firearms themselves.”

Only a very well educated lawyer could be that fucking stupid.

Here is a thumb drive with an STL file on it” is not the same thing as “here is an AR-15.”

Even if 3D printing lowers the barrier of entry to making guns at home (which is debatable) a CAD drawing is not a gun.  There are still too many steps between downloading a file and having a working gun.

If their logic is upheld, you will have to go to a dealer and have a NICS check performed to download CAD files.

It’s sad and horrifying to watch state Attorney Generals have a collective temper tantrum over something they don’t understand.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Dumb AGs”
  1. “…have a collective temper tantrum over something they don’t understand.”

    What is “a typical progtard” for $200, Alex?

  2. The Oregon AG signed this, time for regime change in Salem. We got a Republican elected as Secretary of State in 2016 so it’s not impossible.
    Also I wonder if showing them a 3d printed Glock frame would make them freak out more than an AR. Polymer80 makes 80% Glock frames so printing one should be feasible.

    1. The question is how much it costs to buy a 3d printer that can crank out polymer items as strong as the Glock frame. Would it require fiber reinforcement? You can get a Markforged machine that produces Kevlar-reinforced nylon, which is pretty slick. But that’s a fairly expensive machine, not quite $10k as I recall but not a whole lot lower. Still much less than metal sintering machines, admittedly.

  3. Never mind that there’s lots of us out here with enough knowledge to make our own files for a shitty single shot 3D printed gun.

    In all likelihood we’re not going to bother printing anything.

    Home Depot and Lowe’s has nearly everything we need and close to net shape.

    It takes less time and skill to turn hardware into a gun than to set up and print one.

  4. And they even signed their confession to violating 18 USC 241.

    Now if we could only get someone to actually, you know, DO THEIR JOB and prosecute these folks…

  5. I’m actually getting a bit of a schadenboner watching the collective freakout over this from the left. I have even seen some use of the “slippery slope” argument which is hilarious coming from a group that ridicules anyone for using such an argument when defending the BoR.

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