By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Easy target identification”
  1. And as is the inevitable fate of most Revolutionaries & True Believers, they’re the first against the wall after the Revolution.
    Because while they may be loyal to the Cause, they’re not necessarily loyal to the Leader (or loyal enough). And if they brought one revolution, they can do another, and why take that chance?

  2. Also, it’s kind of ironic that the most spoiled, pampered, pale white privileged Bourgeois of the Bourgeois tend to be the ones who go for Marxism in the USA.

    I seriously doubt any of those little rich kids has ever done a single thing closely related to either the hammer (manual labor) or sickle (agricultural labor).

    1. Isn’t that true everywhere? Lenin came from a wealthy middle class family, Stalin’s father was a small businessman, though later went broke, and he was an apprentice priest. Mao was the son of a wealthy farmer. Ho’s father was a scholar and magistrate.
      Not too many actual workers in the ruling ranks of the “workers’ party”.

  3. To paraphrase Robin Williams:
    We’ve realized that we’re having a very difficult time finding the enemy. It isn’t easy to find a California liberal man named “Charlie.” They’re all named Moon, or Hope, or…

    Well, how are you going about it?

    Well, we walk up to someone and say, ‘Do you have a hammer and sickle tattoo? And, if they have one, then we shoot them.”

  4. These geniuses tattoo’ed the hammer and sickle upside down.

    When they are giving the establishment the finger, the symbol is not oriented correctly. Any position that actually represents, oh, I do not know, Fighting for the Cause, would leave the hammer and sickle inverted.

    The only time it appears correctly is when their hands are at their sides or flat on a table..

    Typical useful idiot.

  5. I also noted that they chose to put the tattoo on their middle finger. Oh, so clever!

    The only good communist is a DEAD communist.

  6. I’m wanting to say that the real fun will set in in about 5 years or so when these spoilt childrens go to find a real job… but I suspect that mummy and daddy already have something lined up for them. Something where they get all the financial benefits of capitalism, while they pledge allegiance to Marx.

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