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Aug 27, 2023

After I posted my truck mess, one of the commenters pointed out that it might be the case that you only have what is on your person in that instant.

They are correct. That is one of the reasons I have so many first-aid/stop the bleed kits.

For example, the LBV for my office area is a Condor Recon Chest Rig, in black. It comes with the AR mag pouches built in. It adjusts to “fat” and it is fast and comfortable to get into.

To that, I add one of my blow out kits. I need to add pistol mag pouches to it, which would require me to decide on a SHTF pistol. I like my 1911s. Likewise, I’m uncertain if that’s what I would be carrying in a situation where I’m wearing my LBV.

My normal EDC is actually pretty good. I mentioned much of what I have on my person. I forgot to mention two things:

Two days of my prescription meds and ear plugs.

There are many of these available from all the usual places. They are lightweight, waterproof and can be attached to things to keep them from being lost.

I believe this is the size that I have, which holds a pair of the squishes into ear, earplugs. The number of times I’ve used them when not shooting is surprising.

Much of my EDC is like that. I didn’t know I wanted that capability with me until I had it.

My silly example is going around my office and pulling all the staples out of beams, columns, door and window frames, and doors. Those little stable nubs always bother me and I would scratch myself from time to time. When I started carrying my Leatherman and later my Gerber, I would just pull them when I found them.

Regardless, it is worthwhile, in my opinion, picking some of these up. The different sizes can be used for different fun things.

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One thought on “EDC item”
  1. Prescription drugs. Another EDC item that should be considered.
    Thanks for the tip.
    Luckily, I do not have any daily drugs, but I do want to carry some small items, and some ibuprophen or similar items. And, these are a perfect solution.

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