This is Canada, but I can guarantee you it is exactly the same way in the United States.

I keep saying it, Woke is a fundamentalist religion and it needs to be classified that way.

This is absolutely religious discrimination.

You can go on Facebook and write about how you want to take kindergarteners to a gay bar and teach they to tuck and have adults put dollars in their panties, and that’s fine.

Say you’re not in favor of a mask mandate and you become unemployable.

It is untenable in this country to have half the population be un- or under employed because of their political alignment.

It’s bad enough that when you talk to young white men they feel discriminated by corporate diversity initiatives.  Throw this in and I guarantee you will have a violent uprising.

You cannot disenfranchise half the population and expect that them to remain passively subordinate.

Especially when they own 400 million guns, which is probably why they want to disarm us, come to think of it.

Also, that woman has fucking crazy eyes and looks like a frog person.  I’m borderline curious if she’s actually human?

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Employee rights need to be protected from the Woke Cult”
  1. The weird lighting only accentuates her unusual eyes, and that only covers her appearance.

    What she says should frighten ordinary people.

    1. I’m noticing a trend with these liberal whackos….the eyes. They don’t just sound crazy, they LOOK crazy. Are we supposed to be convinced by their argument if they really push their eyes??


  2. Future canoe-head.

    Phuck every single HR Department, everywhere. I’ve always hated those sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing b¡tches.

  3. Reading through the comments, she’s apparently in a custody battle w/ her ex over their kids. For some reason he’s questioning her mental health. Can’t understand why.

  4. And, at about :30 in, she says…”Think what you are putting on social media.”
    Really good advice, I would say. And… up until about one minute or so, what she is posting could be considered “advice” to potential job applicants. Then it devolves into something that should NOT be put on social media.
    If I were her employer, I would terminate for this video alone.

    1. I believe that’s already happened.

      Because while she might think HR is all-powerful, the executive suite listens to the legal department, too.

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