They took a nap during a war, that is on them.

Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas because he knew the Hessian mercenaries wouldn’t expect it.

The Rangers in Mogadishu used evening prayers to move through the city without getting shot at during Operation Gothic Serpent.

For whats it’s worth, the Arabs attacked Israel during high holy days expecting the Jews to not be ready, that was the Yom Kippur war.

During the Six Day War the Israeli airforce bombed the Egyptian airforce while it was parked on the runway during morning prayers.

Good armies always take advantage of an enemies weakness.

Some Leftist thinks that’s dishonorable.

It’s culturally sensitive to only fight an enemy when they want on their terms.

I hope to God this idea is too awful to be adopted by the military, but right now who knows.

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By J. Kb

36 thoughts on “Employing tactical advantages is white supremacism”
  1. She is some kind of stupid.
    “You can’t attack me when I’m sleeping! That’s no fair!”

  2. “How dare you win?!? That’s only okay when we do it!” – the leftist battlecry

    1. It’s my preschooler’s battle cry, too.

      Funny how Leftists continually show themselves to be children, mentally and emotionally.

      The difference is, sometimes I let my kids win and sometimes I don’t. In either case I’m trying to teach them to win and lose graciously — to not gloat or make fun if they win, and to not pout or throw a fit if they lose — while they’re young enough to learn.

      The Left rejects such Godly concepts as grace, believing them to be antiquated and obsolete. Having rejected grace, they don’t lose graciously, so you can bet your @$$ they won’t win graciously.

      1. I have come to the conclusion that these proggie/leftists suffer from a common genetic mutation that causes their brains to cease intellectual development when the massive sex hormone dump hits them at puberty.

        They remain the dork juveniles they were in Junior High School throughout the rest of their lives.

        1. I would say that it’s one of the downsides of a prosperous society.

          Part of becoming an adult is realizing that you aren’t the center of the universe- the world was just fine before you got here, and will keep going after you leave.
          A spoiled child seldom has to come to terms with that fact. And the proggies are just spoiled children.

      2. That is a fundamental truth about leftists. Lazy combined with a childish mental state.

        Because this woman would NEVER in a MILLION years want her afternoon nap disturbed in any way, it is “unfair” and a sign of white supremacy for anyone not to respect the “culture” to disturb it. See, instead of “don’t wake me up” it becomes “respect my culture”

        Do not know whether this woman is Mexican or not, but she is projecting across the board. White people are supposed to stand by idly and allow other “cultures” who are at war with them to have their leisure time.

        Adults do not actually think that way. Children do.

  3. During the Six Day War the Israeli airforce bombed the Egyptian airforce while it was parked on the runway during morning prayers.

    And just think: The Israelis bombed the Egyptian planeswhile they were parked and unmanned.

    Yes, being parked and immobile made them easier targets, but Israel destroyed the Egyptians’ ability to make war, and did it with minimal loss of life.

    That’s SOP for Israel — they go out of their way to spare lives and only strike terrorist infrastructure, and frequently cede tactical advantages to do so — but it never gets recognized by the Anti-Semitic Left or the U.N. (but I repeat myself).*

    IMHO, the Left’s new-found insistence on “fairness” — in which tactical advantages are given up or not used — just furthers their normal and preferred means of “might makes right” (IOW, “the bigger mob wins”). It’s why they want us disarmed, why they want Israel’s Iron Dome dismantled, and why they want police to not have body cameras, CS gas, body armor, or riot shields. Those are all advantages they don’t have that keep them from winning with greater numbers alone, and ergo must be abolished.

    * – Also, it’s notable that no such consideration is given to Israel by Palestine or anyone else. Hamas is out to kill Jews. Period. Full stop. Not destroy infrastructure or supplies. They just want to kill Jews. Puts things in perspective, does it not?

    1. The Israelis also knew that the Egyptian Gentlemen Officer Class Pilots never arrived on base before 7AM from their wealthy homes in the cities.

      Then the Israelis did it all over again the same morning in Syria. Later that afternoon, they did it again to Jordan when the King foolishly listened to Nasser and Assad, and declared war on Israel thinking Israel was about to be overwhelmed by the mighty Egyptian and Syrian armies.

      If the Egyptians had done dawn alerts, the war would have been much different.

      If Admiral Kimmel had done dawn alerts at Pearl Harbor, December 7th might have gone differently. However that isn’t likely. Super Strategist Douglas McArthur managed to get his entire Phillipine Air Force destroyed on the ground hours after Pearl Harbor occurred.

    2. Re minimal loss of life — same story still today, as the recent response to the latest Hamas attacks demonstrated. Some moron politicians in Europe were complaining about a “lack of proportionality”. They don’t understand that Israel is deliberately not proportional — to be precise, far gentler than “proportional”.
      A “proportional” response to Hamas would have involved carpet bombing the Gaza Strip with several thousand bombs, utterly without regard of whether the craters are anywhere near military targets.
      Also, Israel could afford to be as gentle as they were because they have good defenses, so most of Hamas’s rockets didn’t get through. Those moron politicians who want Iron Dome to go away should understand that, without Iron Dome, Israel would have been far MORE likely to demonstrate a “proportional response”.
      They should be glad that Israeli politicians don’t follow “Hama rules” — the ones invented by Hafez al Assad for deailng with his enemies.

      Speaking of the 6 Day War, there’s a bad joke from that time. “Egyptian War Dept. to USSR friends: ‘Stop sending surface to air missiles. Send surface to aircraft missiles instead.'”

  4. It’s called strategy. New York farmers burned their crops so that the British Army would starve. In Pensacola, Confederates tore up the Hyer-Knowles Planing Mill and floated the pieces on barges out into the Bay where a thunderstorm sunk them. Everything else was burned to keep the Union Army from taking control. On the other side, the Union laid siege to Pensacola, which again is about starving people. I’m sure there are thousands upon thousands of similar stories in history. They say war is hell, not war is nice.

    1. The reason why coffee and chicory is popular in New Orleans is because the Union blockade during the war between the states meant that few supplies were getting through. Atlanta residents were adding sawdust to their bread during that period for the same reason.

      People advocating a civil war think that such wars have rules, as if war were some kind of sport.

      1. Common “signature quote” on online forums in the near-ish future:

        “You can’t do that! It’s against the rules! Aaagh….” — Many of my victims.

    2. Attacking and destroying Confederate salt works on the coast was another very effective tactic, especially in the days before refrigeration.

  5. There are only 2 rules
    1 What you can do to the enemy
    2 What you can stop the enemy from doing to you.

    1. 11th Commandment: Do unto your enemies as they would do unto you – but do it first.

  6. The Normandy invasion succeeded in large part due to an Allied disinformation campaign the convinced Hitler and a number of German generals that the “real” invasion would be in the Calais area. Somehow, we didn’t send a letter to Herr Hitler: June 6, 1944, Normandy, 6:30 AM, be there or be square.

    1. That’s why it’s called the “Tet” offensive. Tet is Tết Nguyên Đán the spring festival at the lunar new year.

  7. One of the few that my high school history taught us. Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on a Sunday morning. It was at a time of day when sailors were either at church or sleeping in.

    1. My dad was awake when the attack came. They had just finished church services and he was preparing to go on liberty.
      Needless to day, my dad survived.

  8. Perfect example of twitter. Someone who know nothing about what they’re talking about, but believes because they have FEELS that they’re not just right, but that the world needs to hear from them.

  9. $5 says this woman couldn’t tell you three differences between Santa Anna and Santa Claus.

    1. Ish – that is a sucker bet. I guess she thins it was okay for Santa Anna to outnumber the Alamo defenders by around 40 to one or so. Oh and to slaughter all of them at the end. Ya gotta wonder if she ever heard of the “Deguello”……………

  10. The left has been taking advantage of the Right’s good nature for eons.
    Time to change that

  11. Remember Clinton and Barky had a habit of telegraphing their intentions to the enemy so the area would be empty of personnel but they’d have a pretty fireworks show for the evening news.

  12. I would suggest that she read Sun Tzu, but she probably thinks he’s a European colonialist oppressor.

  13. The details of the attack at San Jacinto were and perhaps still are taught in Texas public skools, a product of which I am, including the timing of the attack. The land upon which the battle was fought was owned by the de Zavala family, prominent Tejano Patriots of the Texas Revolution and heroes in their own right, who missed their steriotypical siesta that day. But wait there’s more. If you walk across the street from The Alamo, the names of the dead are inscribed on the memorial Centotaph and a fair number of the names are Mexican, Tejanos who kowtowed not to the dictator Santa Anna, and missed their siesta on that day as well. The things they didn’t teach that walking waste in skool, wot? This is hallowed ground, byotch, tread lightly.

  14. Funny, thisorning were a few articles about how the history of the Alamo is wrong/not taught correct/not 100% accurate as we know and have accepted it and there is some racial/racism component to that now that Latinos are likely going to become the majority “ethnic” group in Texas soon.

    A few newsrooms are up to something.

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