From California:

Residents say they have seen an increased presence of drug use, violence and crime on the streets since SOMA Rise opened

Some residents in one San Francisco neighborhood have resorted to arming themselves with baseball bats and tasers after the opening of the city’s first pilot drug sobering center.

Adam Mesnik lives in the SOMA neighborhood and owns a business. He calls what he’s seeing on the streets as “a period of insanity.”

He’s referring to what he and others believe is an increased presence of drug use, violence and crime on the streets since SOMA Rise opened in June.

Ghis, who provided us only with her first name, is a 31-year resident of the neighborhood and says, “More troublemakers settling in, feeling comfortable doing their drugs, pissing and sh**ting in the street blocking the sidewalks.”

Mark Sackett is a longtime business owner and resident. He estimates the increase in drug use and debauchery has cost him more than $100,000 in lost business in the 2022 calendar year.

“They’re letting their clients come out here and get high, go inside and get sober and then get high again.”

Some even resorted to arming themselves against the belligerent or violent with baseball bats and tasers.

So the city of San Francisco opens up a government sponsored drug den… because California is hell.

That attracts the criminals, violent vagrants, riffraff, and dealers.

Crime and violence skyrockets.

People fear for their safety.

They are left to arm themselves with makeshift weapons.

This is why the enforcement of Bruen is so important.

People are entitled to be able to protect themselves and to have the proper tools to do that.

But Progressives love criminals far more than the tax paying, law abiding, working man.

So they will empower the criminals and disarm the law abiding taxpayer.

The next Republican President must enforce Bruen.  And city or state government that doesn’t come up with some reasonable concealed carry provisions should be prosecuted by the DOJ for defiance of the Supreme Court.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Enforce Bruen in California because bats aren’t enough”
  1. The lightbulb is dimly coming on in peoples brain….if this kind of lunatic fringe keeps up it will come down to citizens taking care of thier local community…

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