Nothing like being burned by your own words. But the idea that the virus’ name is racist because the location where it was firs reported is part of the moniker is not only stupid but ignores a long standing scientific tradition of simplicity whenever possible.

From the CDC:

Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since then, the virus has been infecting people from time to time, leading to outbreaks in several African countries.

And that is not all. There are other strains of Ebola like Ebola Sudan, Ebola Tai Forest and Ebola Bundibugyo, all names that denote the location of where that particular strain was found.

But Social Media Wokeness and Idiocy always needs to be in the radar.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “Epidemiologically woke”
  1. Is Kung Flu still cool then? As it doesn’t designate any particular area. Asking for a friend

  2. “Wuhan Flu” is medically incorrect, as Coronaviridae are a completely different phylum of virus compared to Orthomyxoviridae… On the other hand, calling it “Wuhan Virus,” “Wuhan Disease,” or “Wuhan Corona” makes perfect sense, medically and historically.

    Lyme Disease was diagnosed as a separate condition for the first time in 1975 in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

    West Nile virus was discovered in Uganda in 1937, near the western Albert Nile River.

    Ebola was first identified in 1976, in Yambuku (Democratic Republic of the Congo), a village near the Ebola River.

    Guinea Worm, German Measles, Ross River Fever, Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever, Marburg Virus, Lassa Fever, La Crosse Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever… Why, it’s almost like naming a species after the location it’s found was a perfectly normal thing to do, isn’t that right Galapagos Tortoise?

    The “Spanish Flu” outbreak of 1918 didn’t begin in Spain, but due to skewed media coverage and wartime censorship in most of Europe, newspapers of the day initially reported the epidemic’s effects in Spain (such as the grave illness of King Alfonso XIII) creating the false impression that the outbreak began in Spain.

  3. I can remember when the big thing was Obamacare. Right up till the incompetent rollout, calling it “Obamacare” was an homage to its wise and benevolent author. After it became obvious that it was a cross between a shitstorm and a clusterfuck, calling it “Obamacare” was racist.

  4. They don’t like calling it that because it distracts from their attempts to blame it all on Trump. Can’t blame it on Trump if you keep calling it Chinese Flu, Wuhan Flu, Too Wong Flu thanks for everything, etc

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